My Career Goals Essay


     Every person is to answer this question at some point. Now it is your turn to do it in the form of an essay. Have you thought already about your career? Do you have any goals in your life? Are you more of a family person or the one who strives to win like Abraham Lincoln did?      Far from everybody is as strong as this outstanding person was. Despite many difficulties he went through in his life, he succeeded and managed to become the greatest American Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln Essay


     “Everyone has a sense of duty. Everyone strives for victory. I am not an exception”, said Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln`s life is the biggest example of insistence and will to win. He has never thrown up cards in the face of difficulties and always overcome them.      Abraham Lincoln was born in a poor family and hardships were following him all his life. He lost eight times slating, fell down in the sphere of his own business twice, Continue reading

Abigail Williams Essay


       Previously, we have already talked about this character in the world`s literature. Abigail Williams is one of the main characters of the Crucible written by Arthur Miller. It goes without saying that the story is based on true events, the name is true just like other names in the novel. The author changed some details only.       Abigail Williams was a pastor`s niece, who was the one to get sick. Many other children got sick afterwards. They Continue reading

Should Abortion Be Legal?


     Every woman who gets pregnant has a right to decide whether she wants to keep a baby or not. Abortion is a medical procedure, which makes it possible and, if to provide in a correct way, it might cause no health problems for a woman in the future. She might give birth to children some time later when she is ready. Abortions though may be dangerous because of being provided incorrectly. A woman might get infected or even unable to have children afterwards. This is why it is Continue reading

A Worn Path Essay


    A Worn Path is a novel written by Eudora Welty in 1941 and today, many years on, you are to write an essay on this wonderful literary piece. Eudora Welty is one of the most talented American writers along with mentioned earlier Flannery O`Connor, Katherine Anne Porter, Dorothy Parker and Carson McCullers.      It is always exciting to write on some literary piece but a huge responsibility at the same time because what you write should be not only credible Continue reading

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Essay


     Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the author of A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings who is more famous for his book titled as One Hundred Years of Solitude was one of the most talented writers of his time and remains classic. His One Hundred Years of Solitude is known for being rather complex and difficult to cinematize. The story is about life of seven generations. The names repeat themselves, which makes it to where it is easy to get lost. Either way, this is another story and the Continue reading

A Supposedly Fun Thing Essay


     You are to write A Supposedly Fun Thing I Will Never Do Again essay by David Foster Wallace? Wow, this is really something. Congratulations! Well, do not waste your time and go for it. Going for it, start now!      If to read a biography of David Foster Wallace, one may be surprised finding notes about suicide in the end. Indeed, if to read the biography, one may jump to a conclusion that this writer, novelist and author is truly successful, the luckiest Continue reading

A Tale of Two Cities Essay


     A Tale of Two Cities is a novel by Charles Dickens whom we have already talked about in one of our previous blogposts. It is one of the most popular English-speaking novels written by him. It has become a bestseller long before the appellation itself appeared. More than 200 million of copies were published in the original language only. It is a story of violent passions and exciting adventures in changing times, which French revolution affected two big cities London and Continue reading

A Streetcar Named Desire Essay


     It is always interesting to work upon a literary piece when one happens to like it. A streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams is not an exception. There is even more of a pleasure if to take into consideration the fact of not much of a volume.      The bigger the piece, the more work is ahead – to study it thoughtfully, to collect data, to make references list ready, besides that, the approach itself is more global. One should take it seriously Continue reading

Literary Analysis Essay a Rose for Emily


     It is interestingly enough who or what, in your point of view, is the main character of the novel A Rose for Emily written by William Faulkner.Mysterious Emily is buried at the very beginning of the novel. The story itself is as if told by the inhabitants of the Jefferson town. We find out about the tragic destiny of Emily in accordance with the rumors. One cannot help but wonder why such a story telling.      Rumors and prejudice played a pivotal role Continue reading