Abigail Williams Essay


       Previously, we have already talked about this character in the world`s literature. Abigail Williams is one of the main characters of the Crucible written by Arthur Miller. It goes without saying that the story is based on true events, the name is true just like other names in the novel. The author changed some details only. 

     Abigail Williams was a pastor`s niece, who was the one to get sick. Many other children got sick afterwards. They were accusing adult women in things they never done in their lives namely witchcraft and who were put to death due to these accusations. Later on, one of the sick children confessed that not all they said was true and the accused women were amnestied.

     The process was much talked off. The place, Salem city, remains a museum of sorts to the present days. There are movies and TV-series available for watching telling the story shorty like cinematized books normally do. The casts are amazing thus, you will definitely be delighted watching the movies. It is still better to read a book though and see all the complexity of a story. The story of people who were accused for nothing.

     People face nowadays too with this problem. One may be accused with anything these days on a daily basis just because a person who brings charges does not like the one being accused. Thankfully, people do not get hung up just because of personal enmity. 1692 was completely different and we are lucky we did not live back in those days. There is enough cruelty in this world. Each epoch is beautiful and ugly at the same time in its own way. Overall, more than 150 women and men were accused throughout Salem and adjacent zones.

     If you are to write on Abigail Williams, you need to know that she was one of the oblique culprits of more than 200 people to be accused in witchcraft, put in prison and sentenced to death. Provide with your attitude to this character, to the times she lived in, to dark magic, which plays a great role in her behavior and behavior of other children, who were influenced to tell a lie. How often do you tell a lie? Is keeping silence a lie? Answer these and more questions you may come up with or might be given to answer for your paper and make it work.