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Guest Posting Opportunities on Our Website

We are introducing a new opportunity for our partners to write for us and submit guest post with a do-follow link. All you need to do is to send us a message through Contact Us form and we will reply with detailed instructions and guidelines on how to proceed further.

As this partnership offer is just introduced, you have a new opportunity to take advantage of the backlinks from the website that is not overloaded with backlinks, gaining the most out of this venture. 

Guest blogging is currently one of the most effective SEO strategies. We accept guest posts from our partners not only in related industries but for all other legal services and websites. Please include the blog article you want to post and the link. We can add a backlink to the already published article on our website as well in certain cases. 

Write For Us Guest Posting Guarantees

-   Dofollow link – 100% guaranteed result! There is no reason to pay for a no-follow backlink as it will not add any value either to your website’s ranking or to your customers because the search engine will not find it. When you partner with us by writing a blog page, you get a do follow link in all cases. 

-   Page indexed by Google – your website will get noticed! Even if your link is dofollow but the website is not regularly indexed by Google, the value of such a backlink diminishes instantly. When you post a blog article on our website, you are assured it will be indexed. Contact Us for additional information on this aspect. 

-   PayPal payment – after the guest post is published! We are not asking for the payment upfront. Once we agree on all terms and the price, you get your post published on our website, check it, and proceed with the payment. The payment has to be made within 24 hours after the post. Otherwise, your blog post along with the backlink will be removed. 

-   No additional links in the article – your link gets all the weight! This bonus is particularly appreciated by our partners. If you decide to post your article on our website, no additional links will be inserted. Upon your request, we can add additional backlinks to your projects into the same article, but no links to third-parties (other partners) will be added. Thus, in no case your article will be overloaded with backlinks. 

If you decide to add the link to the already published article in our blog, just leave us a message and we will guide you through the process. Please note that the backlinks can be added only to the existing blog articles. No backlinks will be published for homepage and main pages of the website. No copy/pasted posts will be accepted for submission as well. Only original content, please. If you want to buy a backlink but no current blog article suits your needs and you have no original content for posting, that is not a problem. Contact Us and our writers will draft a unique article that is relevant for your keywords and project. 

Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest post guidelines are rather easy to follow. There are no strict rules, but please keep in mind the following requirements to make the most out of this guest post opportunities. So, if you want to submit guest post, please consider:

-       The article should be at least 1000 words in length. The more content you provide, the better. However, the content should be coherent and to the point. In other words, please do not put together irrelevant ideas or paragraphs just to make it 1000 words.

-       The article should be original. We will check it for plagiarism before posting. In case with plagiarism, it will not be posted. Guest post submission is mutually beneficial only when you provide original content.

-       The backlink to the website should be thematically relevant. In other words, if your website is about plastic surgery, it is a bad idea to write an article about agriculture as these two aspects have nothing in common.

If you want to submit guest post here, you can do it in a matter of a few minutes by simply following these steps:

1.     Contact Us with the request to write a blog page for us.

2.     We negotiate the terms and conditions of our partnership

3.     You send us the article and backlink for posting

4.     We post your blog article online on our website

5.     You check on the article and the backlink and proceed with the payment

That is it. The process is very easy. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. We are looking for long-term cooperation with our partners.