Essay on The Crucible: Character of John Proctor


     The Crucible is a camera play by Arthur Miller and john Proctor is its leading character. At the very core of the play are events, which took place in Salem city, Massachusetts in the year 1692. A few women were accused in devil collusion and witchcraft. They, as people said, were bedeviling people and cattle. Women were plead guilty and suffered to death. One of the story quests depicts the process of development in Salem showing also the tragedy of the women who were unable Continue reading

Robert Frost The Road Not Taken Essay


     This might be your first time hearing about Robert Frost. Well, there is a first time for everything. Those, who could heard of this writer, are mostly like familiar with not his prose only but his poetry just as well. A vivid example of his poetry is a poem entitled as Fire and Ice written in 1920.      Sometimes, having too much of free time, we all of a sudden get acquainted with poets and writers whom we would never ever faced with but going through Continue reading

Sexual Assault as an Object of Criminology


     The given subject is a topic of interest as long as in the area of sexual behavior study mental specialists and sexual health specialists have done a great deal of work. Those are mainly psychiatric works  based on studying of abnormal and sick people who committed socially dangerous acts though. Although, it is not enough to explain sexual assault if for no other reason than because many guilty people who acted in a socially dangerous way are mentally sane. Even if they Continue reading

What YOU Should Know About Random Acts of Kindness


     How much does an average person know about kindness? Just some basic notion. How much does a random person know about random acts of kindness? Probably a lot because very often on this or that situation we think it would be kind of us to do this or that but eventually we do not due to being shy, misunderstood or simply due to not feeling this way at all. We try to think what other person would do being in our shoes and we come up to the idea that this person would not treat Continue reading

James Baldwin Notes of a Native Son Essay


      Collection of essay entitled as Notes Of A Native Son (1955) let alone James Baldwin`s other collections entitled as Nobody Knows My Name (1960) and The Fire Next Time (1963) are of overriding concern due to which he has become a famous activist for human rights in the country he lived in.      In the latter days of his life, the condition of his health and excessive drinking made it to where the quality of his books has become rather poor. Such Continue reading

Geography as a Base of Many Professions


    Our previous article was dedicated to George Washington. Who could have thought that geography might influence a choice of profession a person might make. It is true though. To pick a profession is essential moment in a life of every human being. It is especially obvious due to social economic changes in a society and rapidly changing conditions in the world of work. It makes it to where schoolchildren should have a clear understanding of what is there for them to choose from. Continue reading

Essay on Journalism Is...


    Importance of journalism is obvious. People would not be able to be informed and see things happening around the world without journalists who do their job interviewing celebrities, travelling all over the world, bringing significant pieces of news of all sorts. There are many areas of life and many interests. People find what they are interested in and read about it in newspapers and/or watch on television.      It is needless to say, that importance of Continue reading

Oedipus The King Essay


    Most people have faced with Oedipus by Sophocles and the tragedy of this king going through school curricula. It is classic piece, which is a must-know among the rest of classic pieces of literature such as the Odyssey by Homer and other epic poems.      Moral self-determination of personality is in the center of the poem. What Sophocles tries to say through his piece is a matter of global scale. Let it not scare you off, dear Reader because it is truly Continue reading

The Key To Success Lies In Hard Work


    It is a well-known opinion about hard work to be the key to success. There is also another opinion though that hard work has nothing to do with a successful life but happiness. Happy people by nature are successful. How to become happy though? Material and sometimes spiritual things make people happy in most cases. There are few only who are happy just because. Human nature is a complicated but a very interesting phenomenon.       Cheerful people have Continue reading

About Pride And Prejudice


    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a classic. There are many adapted screenplays shoot and the relatively recent one with Keira Knightley playing the leading part is a good one. Though, that it is always better to read a book than to watch a movie as long as they omit a lot while shooting a movie.  It goes without saying that it would be perfect to read in original. For those, who do not speak English, there are plenty of interpreted versions of the book. Continue reading