Robert Frost The Road Not Taken Essay


     This might be your first time hearing about Robert Frost. Well, there is a first time for everything. Those, who could heard of this writer, are mostly like familiar with not his prose only but his poetry just as well. A vivid example of his poetry is a poem entitled as Fire and Ice written in 1920.

     Sometimes, having too much of free time, we all of a sudden get acquainted with poets and writers whom we would never ever faced with but going through their books in high school and/or college makes it to where one can say s/he is lucky to “meet” these people. They are truly talented and Robert Frost belongs to this cohort of people.

     Bookish glory does not always mean popularity. The thing is not about giving an allusion to Poe`s oeuvre but it took the Second World War to happen so large audience paid attention to him. It was rather strange catalyzer though. His poetry got status of a national poetry.

     During the next years, Frost has become a center of American universe of literature. There were give both good and bad send-offs. Even offensive words were heard. However, both flattery and disaffection had an element in common: the absolute misunderstanding of who Frost was.

     For some reason, Robert Frost was taken for rather rustic writer. He had positive worldview, blunt humorist, filled with folk spirit, as American as an apple pie. Brodsky wrote that he was Frost`s fault because of him to create such an image himself in his interviews at public performances.

     A book critic Lionel Trilling called Robert frost a daunt writer once. It was unexpected but correct as anything. Poe was tragic and Frost was daunt. There is eternity in nature. It is not afraid of either heat or cold. Being face to face with nature, a human being is able to get to know oneself where lives as eternal as those two roads in the forest a traveler meets who tries to know himself. And choosing the road not taken, we solve the rest. Frost makes us face the fear not for it to win us but for us to use it making it our associate.

     Knowing oneself, one is able to know eternity. Undergoing trials with both, ice and fire, we will be able to obtain immortality leaving behind a fleshy one-use label. A soul will find immortality, which will be fearless. Frost`s conception is about the following: body can be hurt but never the soul. While winter did not come yet and a trial by oblivion is far away, we keep on moving along the road we moved least of all as long as we have promises we keep and there is a lot of time ahead of us before we pass away.