The Key To Success Lies In Hard Work


    It is a well-known opinion about hard work to be the key to success. There is also another opinion though that hard work has nothing to do with a successful life but happiness. Happy people by nature are successful. How to become happy though? Material and sometimes spiritual things make people happy in most cases. There are few only who are happy just because. Human nature is a complicated but a very interesting phenomenon.

      Cheerful people have this tendency to try new things, which keeps the fire of enthusiasm and new impressions burning. It stimulates positive emotions and leads to career development, good relations and solid health. It happens to happy people to have stronger earnings. It also happens to people to work hard all their lives but to earn very few. There were also researches, which showed that all of sudden wave of good mood becomes the reason of success. Positive-minded people simply cannot fail.

     Opinions differ and there is a certain definition of success in every person`s mind, which can be in stark contrast to what is considered to be taken for success. Every vocabulary will explain its own. The most important thing that to be successful does not always mean to have loads of money, a fame of a star and material things you might never even hold in your hands.

     Going back to the theme of work, work is something we do either for living or for pleasure. There are very few people who combine these things and very few who truly enjoy what they do. Most people work for money, which makes it to where they are not always happy with what they do. It is difficult to stay positive and be happy having an unsatisfying job with an obligation to communicate with people one would not want to communicate daily, one would prefer to not talk much at all. This is an art of being happy though under circumstances, which are not that joyful.

     Everyone can become happy. Everyone can become successful. Everyone can prosper. The force, which is necessary for doing so, is put in a human being by nature. People can lose access to it but it does not go anywhere. It waits for people to find the golden key, which opens the door leading to it. This golden key is nothing else but positive thinking.

     There is another good proverb, which says no pain no gain and a thoughtful reader will get the point. There is nothing for free in this world. There are surely free stuff but you should understand it to always be of low quality.

     There are also studies, which prove that hard work is rather harmful for one`s health. It all is relatively though. Of course, sitting in the office all day long might bring a few extra pounds, pain in the back and eyes. It is warm though and it does not matter what kind of weather is outside as long as there is a roof and a cup of hot coffee or tea. If to speak about old people living in the villages, to live and work outside is better for their health as long as they are on the fresh air all the time and physically active unlike their equals in age who live in the suburbs and cities due to them to stay indoors all the time. Living in the many-stored houses with elevators being out of order at times makes it to where they move very poorly and get sick more often.

     To cut it short, work keeps body and soul together let alone one`s mind. It is appropriate to work at any age. “A sense of proportion is the key to success”, said Pablo Picasso. Ernie Zelinski writes in his book entitled as The Lazy Person`s Guide to Success: How to Get What You Want Without Killing Yourself for It that hard working brings heart attacks, nervous tic and controversial results.