Essay on Journalism Is...


    Importance of journalism is obvious. People would not be able to be informed and see things happening around the world without journalists who do their job interviewing celebrities, travelling all over the world, bringing significant pieces of news of all sorts. There are many areas of life and many interests. People find what they are interested in and read about it in newspapers and/or watch on television.

     It is needless to say, that importance of journalism keeps on growing. There are many functions journalism exercises among which are informative, ideological, entertaining and many more. To provide with information is probably the most important function of journalism. Life has become easier with journalism and journalists due to whom there is no need to go far far away in order to find out the latest news.

     Very often we face the situation when news are needed real soon, right away and it helps us out to be able to receive them straight away. For example, while job-hunting. We seek and who seeks will always find. The access to the internet and mass media is a great thing. It helps to keep one`s eye on the ball of what is happening, to find a job, to find a hobby, to find a friend, to find love!

     Of course, there is many critics coming from mass media. It is highly important to remain oneself and to accept it constructively. It is a way to become better. If there is no self-development through sharing with others, you would stuck and go to regression this way soon enough. Critics gives a chance to get acquainted with different opinions and to develop an opinion of one`s own broadening one`s horizons.

     What it means to be a journalist? Have you ever asked yourself what it is like? It is not all positive to be one as long as there is so much cruelty in this world. There are murderers every day, there are wars and military conflicts, there are natural disasters people die as a result of which.

     To be a journalist means to have guts. A good journalist will get the interview whatever it takes. Good journalists are persistent when necessary forgetting about good manners at times. So, there should be not professional skills only but also qualities, which require heartiness and self-discipline.