Sexual Assault as an Object of Criminology


     The given subject is a topic of interest as long as in the area of sexual behavior study mental specialists and sexual health specialists have done a great deal of work. Those are mainly psychiatric works  based on studying of abnormal and sick people who committed socially dangerous acts though. Although, it is not enough to explain sexual assault if for no other reason than because many guilty people who acted in a socially dangerous way are mentally sane. Even if they have some mental disorders, their criminal behavior cannot be explained from a psychiatric perspective. Comprehensive study is required as long as no inward and outward including pathological factors have no direct influence but refracting through personal psychology.

     By definition, sexual assault studying and of sexual criminal`s personality – a comprehensive problem. A part of sexual assaults is connected with defections criminals have sexually, which are called sexual perversions (homosexuality, pedophilia, exhibitionism, necrophilia). In order to understand the principals of thinking, what motivates criminals to act dangerously, sexual health specialists are needed who do not take a sufficient part in sexual assault studies, do not face with a majority of sexual perversions in their practice.

     For quite some time, there was not much attention paid to the problem of sexual assault (offence), which goes around and it makes it to where such a neglecting behavior towards the problem seems to be rather outrageous.

     It speaks only of the fact that the problem was not enough studied. In these latter days only, there are works appeared medical mostly, which give an image of norm and pathology in sexual behavior in the ratio of biological and social factors in its determination, different variations of sexual behavior disturbance.

     A crime in the area of sexual assault is:

  • crimes committed against the sexual inviolability of minors;
  • violent: rapes, sexual violence, enforcement of specific performance, involvement into prostitution;
  •  non-violent: sexual intercourse and other actions with/toward a person under 16, sexual abuse of children;
  • sexual relationships crimes, organization and/or management of ill flame houses, illegal trafficking of pornographic materials and items.

In civilized countries, not only an attempted rape or a threat to have a sexual intercourse but also dirty jokes, anecdotes, hints, indecent touch, to cut it short – any actions, which are unacceptable for a rational woman.

A woman has a right to lot upon certain standards of behavior at work, which should not contain any sexually directed behavior. The main feature of sexual harassment is unwillingness to accept sexual advances. Even flowers, love letters. Phone calls, complimentary words, songs may be considered as sexual harassment if they are unwanted.

Publicity and mass media pay more and more attention to the problem of sexual harassment at work. There is nothing new about it. It was considered to be a personal problem in the past though or was plainly denied. As soon as the number of working women became growing, the problem was growing along. It is considered to be a human rights violation and a wall of silence is all broken now.

   One should talk to a consultant about the problem. This is not a fault of the woman being sexually harassed. If only she does not provoke such an attitude herself. Cheese outfits, looks and smiles might be taken in a wrong way. Keep the chain of command and dress up on the occasion. Workspace is not a party.