What Is A Reflective Essay


     Let us give a definition of reflective essay first before starting to write this type of an essay. One is able to find many definitions of reflection essay in the dictionaries let alone there are examples of what a reflective writing should look like. Reflective means writing on a situation and your, as an author, attitude to this situation. There should be loads of critical thinking. Writing a reflective essay develops it as a result.      It does not Continue reading

A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities


     To write a philosophical essay is uneasy task but possible to accomplish if to gather some proper information. How good are you at collecting data? You thought you were not bad but when it happened for you to write a philosophical paper, you were smashed with misunderstanding what was going on.      Of course, writing is not a piece of cake. Writing on philosophy is not a cherry on the top of the cake. One should have a clear understanding of what Continue reading

A Long Way Gone Essay


     A long way gone is a title of the book written by Ishmael Beah about the war in the eyes of a young soldier. This is a book about how an average teenager becomes a cruel murderer. Is he able to stop and drop out of the game? Ishmael was born in Sierra Leone (Africa) and had to leave his native town at the age of 12 after being attacked by the fighters. He was roaming around the country, which was lashed round. When he turned 13, he was given a rifle and told to take service ...Continue reading

A Lesson Before Dying Essay


    A lesson before dying is a movie by Joseph Sargent with Don Cheadle, Cicely Tyson and Mekhi Phifer for the year 1999. Have you watched it before? Yu could have forgotten you actually did. What could be more fun than to watch a movie for your college assignment and to write an essay based on this movie?      To cut it short, a crime is committed in one of the American towns. One of the local citizens is under suspicion. Manipulating facts, the case is sold to Continue reading

A Good Man Is Hard To Find


     Flannery O'Connor is an author of mentioned is the title A Good Man Is Hard To Find novel. The story is about the following: location where everything is happening is on the south of Georgia. Father wants to take his children, an 8-year old John, June and his wife with their child at the breast and his mother to Florida. But Bailey`s mother, a grandmother of his children, is trying to persuade him from going there. First of all, they have already been there last summer; Continue reading

A Dollhouse Essay by H.Ibsen


     Such plays as A Doll`s House, Ghosts, Pillars of Society written in the middle of 70`s of XIX century by Henrik Ibsen were called new dramaturgy by the critics.      What was new about these pieces of work? First of all, reflection of the present day and display of alive people but not historical characters. Second of all, exposure of bourgeois society`s heartlessness with its propagation of egoistic individualism. It was an innovation in the meaning of Continue reading

Excursion to History of Christmas Holidays


     Christmas is one of the warmest and heartfelt holidays all around the world. Even though it is celebrated on a different day, in a different way but its spirit remains the same. Also, Christmas is just like Easter the biggest Christian holiday. People praise Jesus Christ on this day being happy about him to be born.      The history of this festive day is the following: more than 2000 years ago, a son of God has come on Earth. He came in this world like Continue reading

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle an Essay!


    People might dislike their birthdays due to the thoughts of getting old but it is hard to find a person who would not love Christmas. For most people if not all, this is their favorite holidays and each year, they look forward the day when they can get together and spend a nice time with their families and friends sitting around the table full of food, talking, laughing, exchanging Christmas gifts 9one of the reasons why children love this holiday so much) singing Christmas carols. Continue reading

George Orwell 1984 Essay


     English writer and a public person Thomas More wrote a book back in the year 1516 entitled Utopia to cut it short. Translated from Latin, this word means a place, which does not exist. When people say of someone`s dreams to be utopic, that means them to be unreal, fantastic.      Thomas more has become a founding father of literary genre of utopia. Until XX century, people believed in the probability of creation a perfect society on the planet Earth, Continue reading

Find Out More About Roaring Twenties with Us!


      Our previous article was about the crucible, namely about the character of John Proctor. Epoch of roaring twenties in the USA bears also another name – Prosperity and is characterized with wild economic growth. Profound changes have happened in social life back in the epoch: Victorian morality has passed away forever and American began living in accordance with new ethic and social patterns. Science and art did not stay out of what was happening enriching the world Continue reading