A Lesson Before Dying Essay


    A lesson before dying is a movie by Joseph Sargent with Don Cheadle, Cicely Tyson and Mekhi Phifer for the year 1999. Have you watched it before? Yu could have forgotten you actually did. What could be more fun than to watch a movie for your college assignment and to write an essay based on this movie?

     To cut it short, a crime is committed in one of the American towns. One of the local citizens is under suspicion. Manipulating facts, the case is sold to the wide media coverage. Accused, who is not even in indirect relations to the case, wants to return his good reputation. If there were no support, faith and sacrifice on behalf of friends and relatives of the accused, God knows only what would happen.   

     The process of writing may be fun. You are to prove it with your lesson before dying essay. Watch a movie. Analyze it. What is your attitude to the main character? What is your opinion upon the society in which he lives? Follow the fight of not guilty person fighting for the truth. How of an immediate interest this theme is under conditions of reality?

     Every story has a lesson to teach. This one is not an exception. Think upon what this story taught you and write on it in your essay. Mind your language. Mind your audience. It is supposed to be written in a simple language, error-free and to have its talking points with arguments and, of course, an opinion of yours as an author of the paper.

     Opinions differ. Everyone can look at the word and/or a phrase and see it in a different way. Let the topic of your essay not scare you off. You will come to know something new through working on it. Look at it this way and you will surely see the benefits of the assignment.