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      Our previous article was about the crucible, namely about the character of John Proctor. Epoch of roaring twenties in the USA bears also another name – Prosperity and is characterized with wild economic growth. Profound changes have happened in social life back in the epoch: Victorian morality has passed away forever and American began living in accordance with new ethic and social patterns. Science and art did not stay out of what was happening enriching the world with new theories and ethical principles.

     The beginning of the century did not promised nothing good for the economy of America: as soon as the First World War ended, the number of government contracts for enterprises rapidly slowed down. The unemployment went growing because there were many discharged soldiers going back from Europe. Income tax was increased during the war and it was a huge burden for business people who were simply unable to expand production for lack of working assets. Everything changed when tax deduction happened.

     Rapid development of electric engineering made it to where the economy of the USA to grow. Motorcar construction was developing same successfully. Henry Ford started his famous gathering-conveyer and other producers in different areas of mechanical engineering followed his example. In total, industrial construction grew up on 76%.

     The USA made a bid for development of consumer market and loads of inventions in electric engineering found a use when it came to different household appliances. The process of filling in the production with electric motors was successful too. Same as electrification of big and small cities. The most favorable conditions were created for private enterprises.

     Huge changes happened in the social look of the USA. In 1920`s, amendment to the constitution came into operation, which made men and women equal. Since then, women had a right to take part in local and federal elections. The were more and more women who worked and earned money instead of being satisfied with a role of a housewife only. The ice was broken during the war, when women had to replace mobilized men but there became more in postwar times. Our writers will be happy to help with yuor paper, just so you knew.

     The National Prohibition Act adopted in 1919 was also of a great importance. Due to the alcohol drinks to be forbidden, the criminal groups who actively occupied a niche of legal producers and alcohol sellers, were provided with huge finances. These population groups led a beautiful life being not unlimited with generally accepted morality practically neither hiding from surroundings the sources of incomes, nor contempt to traditional moral values.

      All this, rolled into one, made it to where a society was created in the USA, which was oriented to consuming. With a welfare to grow the construction of private and many floured houses was activated, which was credited hugely by banking sector. In order to buy a car, a household appliance, jewelry credits were given largely too filling in the economy of the country with money. There was an enwrapping game on the exchange as a result of which prices went ahead.

     For many Americans, 1920`s of the previous century, especially their second part, remembered as endless holiday, which seemed to go on forever. New musical styles – jazz, blues and country – became extremely popular especially with a widely used radio and gramophone sound recording, which brought music into homes. Popularity of black artists made it to where more tolerant views onto relations between white and black Americans were established.       

     Popularity of dancing grew up rapidly in 1920`s just as well. People were dancing everywhere – in clubs, restaurants and parties. Special places were opening up – dancing places, people were coming up to in order to dance and to meet new people. Traditional Vistrial etiquette was receded into the past quickly making room for more relaxed relationships. Feminine fashion underwent a change too: skirts a little under a knee, risky cuts exposing legs and open evening dresses of Gatsby style became of general distribution. Cosmetics, which was an attribute of the fallen women before, grew into fashion. The relationships between women and men had more of a free character too.  

     Roaring twenties epoch was reflected in literature as well. F. Scott Key Fitzgerald, David Henry Lawrence, Ernest Hemingway and other authors created vivid descriptions of this ambiguous time, which left a tremendously significant trace in forming of modern society in the USA and in the whole world. Apply for help online and our service will make it work!