A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities


     To write a philosophical essay is uneasy task but possible to accomplish if to gather some proper information. How good are you at collecting data? You thought you were not bad but when it happened for you to write a philosophical paper, you were smashed with misunderstanding what was going on.

     Of course, writing is not a piece of cake. Writing on philosophy is not a cherry on the top of the cake. One should have a clear understanding of what philosophy is, to begin with. Most people see it as a complex study and it is complex but there are unique people, who have made it the subject of their lives. For example, an ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.He said that philosophy begins with astonishment so does a science. Astonishment causes misunderstanding. It is astonishing what happens even though it was not supposed to be happening. Which is why a question why arises. There are only things an eye is able to see, an ear is able to hear and nothing else. The space of probabilities is an astonishment.    

     For an average person, philosophy is boring. When a person speaks of some philosophical matters, the one listening normally roll his eyes either for real or in one`s thought. People do not like philosophy because they cannot understand it and do not want to even try. To write philosophically is even more hateful because of far from everybody have at least some writing skills to be able to write an essay, moreover a philosophical essay.

     Philosophy combines many theories within. Each theory has its founders and followers. You are welcome to choose and write on any of them. Study the theory well enough in order to make your paper credible and check on mistakes. Everything will be all right once you have interest for your paper yourself in the first place. Good luck!