About Pride And Prejudice


    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a classic. There are many adapted screenplays shoot and the relatively recent one with Keira Knightley playing the leading part is a good one. Though, that it is always better to read a book than to watch a movie as long as they omit a lot while shooting a movie.  It goes without saying that it would be perfect to read in original. For those, who do not speak English, there are plenty of interpreted versions of the book.

     Some people become fond of reading again due to this book. Of course, women are the target audience and those who read Jane Austen’s writings mostly. They see their ideal of a man in Mister Darcy and dream of meeting such a man in real life. Pride and Prejudice is the first thing one should read being acquainted with its author and her pieces of writing. It might become the reason why Jane Austen may become an inspiration to read the rest of her novels and become one`s favorite.

     Pride and Prejudice is a novel of life and manners about how deceptive the first impression may be and that the fire of love cannot be put out with anything. It is a beautiful story and everyone who have read it, normally recommend it for reading. Despite all the beauty of the story and noble times everything was happening, it is quite complicated. A reader sees a confrontation of the two strong characters, arrogance and pridefulness, how the characters change thankfully to love, how prejudice goes away, how people`s opinions become differ, how their tempers change on the way to finding love.

     The mentioned about confrontation is in the center of the novel, which is why the novel is titled so. Some people say that maybe the story told by Austen in this book of hers was something she wanted to experience for real. Perhaps, it was her dream. Two people being socially unequal and happily married at the same time was some sort of a utopia especially back in those times and for a conservatively thinking Great Britain. Loneliness of Austen herself who has never been married and lived all her life in her father`s house gives to understand that it is better to live this way than to spend life living unhappily married in a match of convenience.