A Worn Path Essay


    A Worn Path is a novel written by Eudora Welty in 1941 and today, many years on, you are to write an essay on this wonderful literary piece. Eudora Welty is one of the most talented American writers along with mentioned earlier Flannery O`Connor, Katherine Anne Porter, Dorothy Parker and Carson McCullers.

     It is always exciting to write on some literary piece but a huge responsibility at the same time because what you write should be not only credible for your professor and interesting for your peers if they are to hear it but also interesting for you in the first place to work with, to study and to write. It has to be error-free otherwise it would look incompetent. You do not want that to happen, do you?

     Thus, all you need to start with is to find a novel and read it thoughtfully. It will make it to where you will get to understand what you are to rite on. You might also look through a biography of the author herself so you knew what inspired her to write the novel, under which circumstances it happened, whom she was and looked like for general information.

     As for the novel itself, let us walk through its plot, meet its main characters and dive into the events described. Eudora Welty said that sometimes characters appear all of a sudden. She thought that if someone was able to write about another being completely tuned out of your “self”, entering the skin, heart and soul of your character, who is different from you in so many ways, this is the time when s/he becomes real on the pages of a book.

     A Worn Path is out of the first collected book entitled as A Curtain Of Green And Other Stories. The story is about an old Afro-American woman who is going to get medicine for her sick grandson. She has quite interesting name, which is Phoenix. The story is as unique and wonderful as her name is. We can see what an old lady is capable of in order to help her grandson whom she loves. Despite the long way and almost empty pockets. What he is in need of serves a motivation for her, which is truly amazing.

     An essay inspired by such a novel, such a story cannot be raggy and poor. Love and devotion are more of a shiny jewelry than precious stones. Love and self-sacrifice decorate a woman of any age, of any skin color and social status.