My Career Goals Essay


     Every person is to answer this question at some point. Now it is your turn to do it in the form of an essay. Have you thought already about your career? Do you have any goals in your life? Are you more of a family person or the one who strives to win like Abraham Lincoln did?

     Far from everybody is as strong as this outstanding person was. Despite many difficulties he went through in his life, he succeeded and managed to become the greatest American president. There are quite ambitious people who are eager to become presidents as well. Why not? A person may become whoever s/he wants to become. The main thing is to wish for it badly and to make at least some efforts, gradually, and eventually you succeed.

     Anyone who has some good imagination and writing skills is able to become a writer. Especially if wanting it much. If Agatha Christie is your favorite writer and you could not help admiring her talent of writing detective stories, if you are into investigations yourself finding it extremely interesting, who knows, maybe you could become the next “Agatha Christie” working upon your career goal.

     You might need to write thousands of essays on the way of becoming as popular as she is. Even though she is no longer alive, she remains one of the most marvelous writers of English literature. Same thing with all the rest of the professions. Walk through your career goals with your relatives and friends. It will make it to where you will enroot your wish for this career in your life to be achieved. Do not hesitate to share. The more people know about it, the better. Through sharing, it will be coming true systematically even though those steps might seem invisible as of yet.

       Your plans should be clear and reachable. Your goals make it seen who you are as a person. Goals in life and career ambitions are recipe for success. Do you remember whom you wanted to be when you were a little kid? What happened to that dream? Did you forget about it or did it split upon a rock of reality? Nothing is that bad and reality is not that ugly. A person oneself makes it ugly while affords can be made and success can be reached and hold in the hands. Instead, we keep on complaining how unfair our life is, that there is no justice in this world and so on and so forth.

     Open your eyes, think positively and do not be afraid of any challenges destiny sends to you. You can do it and this essay is easy to accomplish. Motivate yourself and if there are problems, our service is always up for helping!