Abraham Lincoln Essay


     “Everyone has a sense of duty. Everyone strives for victory. I am not an exception”, said Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln`s life is the biggest example of insistence and will to win. He has never thrown up cards in the face of difficulties and always overcome them.

     Abraham Lincoln was born in a poor family and hardships were following him all his life. He lost eight times slating, fell down in the sphere of his own business twice, suffered from nervous breakdowns. 

     Life could break Lincoln but he was unbreakable striving for victory and, as a result, became the greatest president in the history of the United States of America.

     Many difficulties fell to Lincoln's lot. Let us look closer at the stages of Lincoln`s life, going through which he ended up in the White House:

1816 – His family lost their family house. Lincoln began working in order to help his parents.

1818 – Lincoln`s mother died.

1831 – Lincoln flunk.

1832 – He lost his job. He wanted to enter a law school but did not pass on a competitive basis.

1833 – He borrowed some money from a friend in order to start a new business but became bankrupt by the end of the year. He was paying debt for the next 17 years.

1834 – He ran for office of the state legislature and won.

1835 – He was engaged but his fiancé died and he took it very painfully.

1836 – He got sick because of nerves and spent half a year in bed.

1838 – He stood for election to the state legislature as a speaker but did not manage to receive enough number of voices.

1840 – He was trying to be elected to electoral college (president elections) but failed.

1843 – He was elected to congress but did not get through.

1846 – He was elected to congress again; he won, moved to Washington and got a good job.

1848 – He was re-electing to the congress but lost.

1849 – He wanted to take up a post of a customer service representative but he was declined.

1854 – He was elected to the Senate of the state but lost. He was elected to the post of a vice-president from a republican party but got less than 100 voices.

1858 – He was elected to the Senate again and lost.

1860 – He was chosen to be an American president.

“It was a thorny trudge way. I was losing my ground, I tumbled over but stood up and said to myself: ”it is just a small misfortune but not a failure”.