The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Essay


     Samuel Taylor Coleridge is the author of the poem entitled as the Rime of the Ancient Mariner you are to write an essay on. Writing essay is not a piece of cake but you can make it one with a cherry on top if you want to. There is nothing difficult about it. Even though you do not possess any outstanding writing skills. All you need to do is to read the literary piece and write what you think about it. Read carefully in order not to miss anything. Continue reading

Life Changing Experience Essay


     So, you need to write an essay on your life experience, which changed your life. First thing you need to do is to think hard over your life and those changes you have been through lately. Did something come into your mind? Very well then, now you need to wrap it in words like a present for someone`s birthday or Christmas.      In our previous article, you had a chance to view the principles of population and what you need is very different. You simply Continue reading

Essay on the Principle of Population


     Discovery of ecology laws happens slower than in the area of physics and chemistry. It is due to the fact that ecology is younger science and researches in all its branches goes through lack of finances and personnel unfortunately. Mistakes and far from reality understanding of laws also made it to where the happen to be difficulties.      We have already talked about environmental pollution in our previous articles. It is also a reason why population Continue reading

Cesare Bessay on Crimes and Punishments


     Crimes and punishments book by Cesare Beccaria is one of the treasuries of European culture and is of an undoubtful interest for a modern Russian reader. Not that long ago, we have talked about writing an essay upon a fiction book thus, you do have an image of how to do that. If you do not feel enough confidence, you may always use help online.       Our writing team is acknowledgeable in many subject areas and it will be easy for them to work upon a Continue reading

Amy Tan Essays


     Amy Tan is another author you are going to be familiar with after you read this article. If you were assigned to work upon an essay based on her essays, either Mother Tongue or Two Kids essay, do not panic and visit our service. We possess a great deal of knowledge in the area of writing on any topics, in all the subject areas possible. Our writing team is exceptional and we will work for your essay to be exceptional just as well. It is going to be another masterpiece created Continue reading

American Legion Essay


     Now you know what Americanism is if you were attentive enough and at least looked through the previous article. If not, go back immediately! (Just kidding) You might if you need, if you do not – proceed with our next article. The topic of the day is American legion.      American legion is an organization of the war veterans in the USA. It was confirmed by the Congress in 1919. It holds conservative positions concerning internal and external Continue reading

Americanism Essay


     What is Americanism? It is a focus on American values in the spheres of culture and politics. You have come across American culture, history and literature in our latest blogposts.      Speaking about Americanisms, those are also words, which are taken from American variant of English language. As you know, there are American and British English. The last one is pure while the previous one is rather blurry. The variant of spoken language depends on Continue reading

American Revolution Essay


     America has gone through a long way on its independence and this path was not as easy as it might seem to be. Despite the country to be powerful nowadays, there were times when it had to fight for its freedoms and rights.      In our previous article, we discussed a theme of cultural imperialism. Thus, you have got an image of American culture and informational processes on the world`s market. Go back in case you missed it because you might find it rather Continue reading

Imperialism Essay: Sources, Content and Modern Models


   Many interesting topics were discussed previously and today we are to draw your attention to cultural imperialism, its sources, content and modern models. Modern cultural imperialism is easy to understand if to take into account the following key elements. It is developed in the frames of the world`s system, no matter whether it is American imperialism, African imperialism or European imperialism. There is one market within the system. Conditions and the nature of production are Continue reading

American Identity Essay


     In our previous articles, we have already faced with American history and culture. Peculiarities of American character are vividly seen in the attitude to the basic institutional settings and to the governmental authorities in the first place. Even the Constitution of the USA says that governmental authorities are evil, political power, which requires control. If government strives for increasing its power, then the main target of the governmental institutions is to weaken Continue reading