The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Essay


     Samuel Taylor Coleridge is the author of the poem entitled as the Rime of the Ancient Mariner you are to write an essay on. Writing essay is not a piece of cake but you can make it one with a cherry on top if you want to. There is nothing difficult about it. Even though you do not possess any outstanding writing skills. All you need to do is to read the literary piece and write what you think about it. Read carefully in order not to miss anything.

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     The poem was published in 1798 in Lyric Ballads. An old mariner meets three young people who are hurry up for a bridal banquet. He holds back one of them in order to tell his story. The mariner tells how his ship was carried away by the storm to the South Pole. In the crew`s joy, albatross appeared near the mashed on the ice ship and the mariner killed the albatross to his own surprise. A damnation pounced on the ship for this evil doing. The vessel was carried away to the north to the equator where he got caught by the storm underneath the sunburnt into rotten water. The sailors hang the dead albatross on the neck of a Mariner invisible for them. All of a sudden, a skeleton of some ghostly ship appears on which Death and Life play dice and when the ghostly ship disappears, all the crew of a true ship dies and only the Mariner stays alive.

     Amazed with the beauty of water snakes in the moonlight, he suddenly bless them and the albatross breaks away and splashes down. The ship moves to the home banks. The Mariner is saved but as a punishment he is doomed to rove in every land teaching people using his own tragic example to love and respect for every God`s creature, another author who wrote The Road to Xanadu in 1927 traced the origin of the plot and characters of Coleridge`s poem.

     The image of the penitent thief is universal and presents a symbol of any reclaimed sinner. As long as there is no human being who would live a sinless life, an image of a reclaimed sinner could be applicable to anyone. The old Mariner roves in every land telling people a story of his crime. A wide range of changes in the wild and in the ship`s condition ensued. A bloody sun appeared in the sky, everything froze and stopped all of a sudden, as if the life itself stopped, as if all the universe died as the albatross died.              

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