Socrates Apology Essay


     There are not that many people who are fond of philosophy to begin with. There are even fewer of those who have an idea of who Socrates and/or Plato were. Today, since you were assigned to work upon Socrates Apology essay, you will get to know who he was and who the author was.      Previously, we have talked about cultural anthropology. The topic of today is of the same importance. For some, it is even more important due to the fact that there is still a Continue reading

Ethnographic Essays in Cultural Anthropology


     If you are to write an essay on one of the anthropology topics, this is the right place and time to be. People always complain that they happen to be in a wrong place in a wrong time. Well, this time you are lucky. By the way, if you or anyone you know need an essay on medicine, go back to the previous page of our blog where you are welcome to look through the article on eating disorder.      Anthropology essays or cultural anthropology essays might sound Continue reading

Anorexia: Its Symptoms, Causes and Types


     Anorexia is a syndrome when a person does not feel like eating at all while there is an objective need in nutrition. Anorexia goes along with metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, alimentary system pathology, and parasitic invasions psychiatric conditions.       We have already faced with cases of different diseases in one of our previous articles. Anorexia though is connected with eating disorders. Causes of occurrence      Continue reading

Anna Quindlen Essays


     Books are a plane, a train and a road. They are direction and a route. They are home. Those were Anna Quindlen`s words. She is an author of essays you might find interesting. They will definitely broaden your horizon and leave a vivid trace in your life.      We have already spoken upon literary works written by other writers. Moreover, our service provides with an excellent quality papers itself. All you need to do is to ask for it, define the number of Continue reading

George Orwell Animal Farm Essay


     Animal farm is a satirical novel utopia written by George Orwell. We have already discussed many literary pieces written by outstanding people before and today is no exception. Once you were assigned to work upon one, let us look closer at the novel.      Even though animals are leading characters of the novel, a thoughtful reader will get the point and understand all the allegories within the text. The author choose a fairy style of narration for a Continue reading

Essay on Extinction of Animals


     At this moment of history, then again, as at the past historical moments, the problem of extinction (namely loss of species) remains on top of its relevancy. In our previous article, we spoke upon animal abuse and today we speak on extinction of animals. Irreparable damage has already done to the biological diversity of earth and further depletion in numbers of animals and plants species keeps on growing. Bodies of scientists of many countries explore objective reasons Continue reading

Stop Animal Abuse Essay


     Dumb animals are members of our families. Animal abuse happens quite often these days unfortunately. Previously, we have talked about vital issues of our time such as environmental pollution.Today, as long as you are to write a persuasive essay about animal abuse, feel free to look through the following article and enjoy reading!      It is needless to say that animal abuse is one of the issues of our time. It is hard to believe that people have become Continue reading

Andy Warhol: Life like a Motion Picture Film


     Needless to say that Andy Warhol left a vivid trace in the world`s art and cinematography. As vivid as the colors he used for his paintings. Far from everybody who saw his paintings knows that those paintings belong to him.      Our previous articles are full of stories about outstanding people. Andy Warhol is one of them and today you need to write an essay about this person. He was quite extraordinary and difficult to mix up with anyone else. Which is Continue reading

Essay on Andrew Jackson


     Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the USA. Today, you are to write an essay based upon his life and activity. Previously, we have already provided you with brief information about other American president Abraham Lincoln.      Andrew Jackson said that a man who refused to protect one`s own rights, deserves to be a slave and is to be punished as an enemy of the country s/he live in and a friend of its ill-wishers. He also said that a brave man, Continue reading

Essay on Andrew Carnegie


     Indeed, when most people hear the surname, an image of a book written by Dale Carnegie on How to Win Friends and Influence People written in 1936 appears in one`s mind. He also wrote another book, which has become popular among readers of books on psychology entitled as How to Stop Worrying and Start Living written in 1948. The story is not about this Carnegie but about another Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie the richest man in the world.       He is truly Continue reading