Essay on Andrew Jackson


     Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the USA. Today, you are to write an essay based upon his life and activity. Previously, we have already provided you with brief information about other American president Abraham Lincoln.

     Andrew Jackson said that a man who refused to protect one`s own rights, deserves to be a slave and is to be punished as an enemy of the country s/he live in and a friend of its ill-wishers. He also said that a brave man, who is inattentive to his duty, costs his country little more than a coward leaving it in hazardous times does. The following words belong to him just as well that one should find time to think but when the time for action comes, do not think and move forward.    

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     Andrew Jackson thought that the paradise would be no paradise for him if he did not meet his wife there. He also called for no cry. He bequeaths to be good so we all could meet in Abraham bosom. He wanted to meet everyone in the sky, whites, blacks, everybody… there are also words, which are mistakenly taken for his about one courage man to make a majority.

     Almost each political step and innovation by Andrew Jackson found support on behalf of American society. Despite mistakes and miscounts in his politics, he left a trace in American history as a president who fortified the country and saved the entity of it.

     Among all the pleiad of American presidents, Andrew Jackson cannot go unnoticed. He was truly a unique figure of the time he lived in, who became a pathfinder in many of his beginnings. His firm military character, impudence and innovation let not only save the unity of the American states, but also to transform the country, to develop a unique political system within, making it a worthy example to follow.

     Andrew Jackson is considered to be the first president who truly used all his presidential powers no matter whether it was a case to make a judge, abolition of national bank or South Carolina`s position in the Union. Also, he was the first president who created a kitchen cabinet, the first and only president, who paid off American foreign debt fully, the first president who set off for a campaign trail across the country, the first president who was risen at the political convention, the first president who became close to people and who let simple Americans into the White House.     

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