Socrates Apology Essay


     There are not that many people who are fond of philosophy to begin with. There are even fewer of those who have an idea of who Socrates and/or Plato were. Today, since you were assigned to work upon Socrates Apology essay, you will get to know who he was and who the author was.

     Previously, we have talked about cultural anthropology. The topic of today is of the same importance. For some, it is even more important due to the fact that there is still a paper on Socrates apology required to be written and to be accomplished flawlessly.

     Socrates apology is the only piece written by Plato not in a form of dialogue. Nevertheless, apology is tied up with his Socrates dialogues. Plato tells about three speeches spoken by Socrates in his own defense on court, which was proceeded against him by Athenian democrats and ended up with capital sentence for the great philosopher. The word apology literally means excuse. Plato set his mind on acquitting Socrates from being falsely charged.

Practice shows that most people are Socrates living in the world of truth, while Platons live in the world of people. Ideas and truth are important for Socrates while for Platons – environment. The main pace of the world`s history is not defined by this intellectual-ethical opposition. The practice shows though that balance of powers for ages moves to the side of people leaving aside the side of truth. Meaning that the truth, which was considered to be more important than a human yesterday, withdraws into the shadows, becomes a lie. Why is this movement delayed in the course of time? Because Platons are unable to impose their obvious truth to Socrates. People are more important for them than Platon`s truth. Let them see it themselves.        

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