Ethnographic Essays in Cultural Anthropology


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     Anthropology essays or cultural anthropology essays might sound frightening at first but they are easy to accomplish if to know what anthropology is. This is what you need to start with and just go from there. It is very important to explain notions if there any in the text of your essay especially if that is on terms and notions unknown for average people.

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     Far from everybody knows what cultural anthropology is. Globally speaking, cultural anthropology is a science, which studies determined by culture functioning of society in different peoples. On the one hand, it is different from physical description of races, physical anthropology studies, on the other hand, philosophical anthropology, which studies peculiarities of a human`s life determined by a human`s nature itself. Social anthropology is close to cultural anthropology, which studies social institutions of peoples.

     Cultural anthropology uses methods of the following sciences: ethnography, archeology, history, structural linguistics, folkloristics, sociology, philosophy of culture, psychology, and for statistics – modern body of mathematics. Besides that, special methods were developed (filming, special methods of conducting interviews, etc).

     Problems facing this science are description of already existing cultures (their language, customs, social norms, behavior and psychology), cultural interaction, dynamics of culture, origin of cultures, deep understanding of a culture of one`s own, along with sociology – studying of public institutions and their cultural functions from the perspective of dynamics of the whole and its parts, its self-organization and adaptation (functionalism), attempts to define a certain structure, laying in the basis of the wide range of social phenomena (structuralism). Also, solution of such philosophical issues as  influence of language onto thinking, culture onto system of values. Comparative anthropology providing a description, let us say, the system of relativity or authorities structures of different societies, creates and deeps the understanding of social connections nature and power in general. Same thing concerning religion, economics, etc.

     In a narrower sense, cultural anthropology is applicable to define a leading west European and especially American anthropology of the beginning and the middle of the XX century.