Anna Quindlen Essays


     Books are a plane, a train and a road. They are direction and a route. They are home. Those were Anna Quindlen`s words. She is an author of essays you might find interesting. They will definitely broaden your horizon and leave a vivid trace in your life.

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     Going back to Anna Quindlen and her essays, it is worth mentioning that she is a Pulitzer Prize winner and she was rewarded for a reason. She possesses unique writing skills and her essays are magnificent. The following works should be mentioned: Blessings, Every Last One, Still Life With Bread Crumbs, Miller`s Valley, Imagined London: A Tour of the World`s Greatest Fictional City, Poems of Life: Famous People Select Their Favorite Poem and Say Why It Inspires Them, Black and Blue, One True Thing, All My Babies Are Gone Now, Loud and Clear, Playing God on No Sleep, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake, Goodbye Dr. Spock, Melting Pot. You may write your essay or ask us to write it for you on any of them and be rich from within.     

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     It is an art to write. We have already said it some time ago. An art just like painting or designing clothes or embroidery. It takes time, affords, imagination and some writing skills based on at least some experience in the field of writing. Reading at least one of Anna Quindlen`s pieces will change your world. Her quotations are interesting enough to be mentioned in your essay just as well.  

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