George Orwell Animal Farm Essay


     Animal farm is a satirical novel utopia written by George Orwell. We have already discussed many literary pieces written by outstanding people before and today is no exception. Once you were assigned to work upon one, let us look closer at the novel.

     Even though animals are leading characters of the novel, a thoughtful reader will get the point and understand all the allegories within the text. The author choose a fairy style of narration for a reason. Animals do not speak only but build, turn up the soil, farm in general. Social ladder is clearly seen by means of animals, ranging from hens, workhorses, to pigs, who are the closest to humans. Story begins with a man who refuses to take a proper care of his farm and the animals decide to revolt. They decide to expel him and to farm by themselves. After they succeed, the atmosphere on the farm changed in a better way, there was joy and happiness. It seemed for the new happy epoch for animals to start. However, euphoria ends quite soon, much work had to be done, especially by great cattle while pigs thought them to be for ruling the process only.

     Animal farm was written with a simpler language than the novel coming next. The language was easy and there were no terrifying details. Nevertheless, metaphoric row is simply impressive – it makes a reader think of reality, to abstract from the fantastic form of narration and draw parallels.

     Conclusion: the book is very simple, interesting, and readable and, what is the most important, get-able! He did it so the translators were able to translate it easily making its allegoric content legible for foreign readers. Read it and you will look at the world with a new pair of eyes or let us help you on the way of getting your assignment done. The novel was published in 1945, by writing it, Orwell managed to accomplish two tasks he was planning to back in the year 1936, to expose the Soviet myth and make an art out of political prose.         

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