Essay on Extinction of Animals


     At this moment of history, then again, as at the past historical moments, the problem of extinction (namely loss of species) remains on top of its relevancy. In our previous article, we spoke upon animal abuse and today we speak on extinction of animals. Irreparable damage has already done to the biological diversity of earth and further depletion in numbers of animals and plants species keeps on growing. Bodies of scientists of many countries explore objective reasons of this and symbols of this disaster were invented, which are Red and Black books and existence of many animals species is at threat as before or ended up finally. A human is the reason of this disaster, one`s anthropogenic activities to be precise. Growth of technology is the key enemy of all alive on earth, this is a conclusion the scientists jumped to. 

     Better to say not the growth of technology itself but ways humankind moves to it trampling all the ways.

Animals` life environment revolution

     There is plenty of changes in life environment animals live in. from the very beginning of one`s anthropological activities, a human did not feel a pity for anything: deforestation, dewater, breaking ground, river flow changes, creating dam lakes. Even one paragraph out of this not nearly non-inclusive list is enough to change comfort zone animals live in, reproductive conditions, migration paths, food chain. It reverses survival ability of species, which begin slowly and surely approach the edge of disappearance. You do not have to go far afield to find an example. It is worth to be remembered about such a powerful anthropological influence onto environment as hydroelectric dams. Although, fish is lifted by special elevators because these dams block the access to their breeding areas. But, as it turned out, it did not solve the problem. Thousands of deers, whose migration paths were blocked by the gas- and petrol pipes, died beside those pipes. They have a bad time using the bridges hitched over the pipes for them Saige antelopes who died in freshly exposed irrigation channels. The list is huge.

Hunting in forbidden areas and trapping exceeding a threshold of population

      That is warmed-over cabbage. Jack lighters were never loved. Nowadays the representatives of this oldest profession have an access to all the means, which are kindly provided by the progress. Animals and fishes cannot resist against of, which makes it to where many species are in the process of loss or already lost. Whales, tramped by irrational barbarous cropping. Relict fish (sturgeon, sevruga, beluga and others). The list if huge, ref. Red book.  

Acclimatization of extraneous species

      Here is another reason with dire consequences. Grey Canadian squirrel, which accidentally turned out to be in Karelia successfully makes it to where the local red one disappears. There are endless examples. It is already known that an animal, which is common for its life environment, was becoming a cruel aggressor on a new place and did not leave a single chance to “aboriginals” for survival. Sahara desert is worth of mentioning. Scientists reasonably prove that goats were the reason of its appearance. This animal was brought from the Asia Minor and felt itself well in the conditions of Middle East as long as there was no desert back then. Anyways, the goats ate all the grass and leaves of the bushes after that the place began to die. The trees started to die as a result of misbalance. Disappearance of trees led to water depletion and the sand turned out to be on the empty spot. This is it, there is no blossoming paradise any longer. People are guilty because they brought these animals in there.

Destruction in order to protect agricultural products

     Agricultural chemicals and insecticide means are actively used in agriculture these days, which is why existence of many species are in danger and pollution of course.  

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