Stop Animal Abuse Essay


     Dumb animals are members of our families. Animal abuse happens quite often these days unfortunately. Previously, we have talked about vital issues of our time such as environmental pollution.Today, as long as you are to write a persuasive essay about animal abuse, feel free to look through the following article and enjoy reading!

     It is needless to say that animal abuse is one of the issues of our time. It is hard to believe that people have become that cruel to hurt dumb animals. It is known that cats and dogs, for example, have lived together with humans from the earliest times. They are members of families for ages. If they only could speak… 

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     Legislation of every country assumes a criminal responsibility for animal abuse. It is normal because animals are living beings and it is outrageous by nature. The outside world is full of cruelty and violence but if a human being is able to ask for help, to protect oneself, knows ones rights, animals have no such opportunities.

     Over and over again we hear stories about animal abuse, materials appear in mass-communicational tools, on the Internet, which prove the fact that one should give serious thoughts to protection of animals` rights and propagandism of human attitude towards animals today is more necessary than ever. Protection of animals` rights is necessary, animals, undoubtedly, have rights for protection from negligence and torturing as a result of which they suffer. Animals are no material for experiments or manual for scientific experiments.

     Unfortunately, many people who brings animals at home as their pets, do not fully realize that an animal is not a toy, is not for fun and entertainment. People should stop to abuse animals. Animals feel pain just like humans, they feel a good attitude just as well. Some individuals though like to take it out on poor animals for personal failures or bad mood.

     Besides that, a lot of people who have pets do not realize what responsibility they bear deciding on having a pet initially. Loads of cats and dogs turn out to be on the street only because people owing them got tired of an old toy. Such people do not know what human attitude is. Hence, quite often the animals turned out to be on the street die because they do not know how to live outside; they have grown in an apartment and they are simply put to sleep. Which is why there is a protection needed from such irresponsible people.

     Millions of domestic animals have never known a pinch of human attitude on behalf of the people keeping them. Thus, unfortunately, it is not uncommon, for example, when an animal abuse is shown in birds to be closed in tiny uncomfortable cages, so the latter ornaments the interior only. Animals are forced to live in unbearable conditions of limited movements, dirt or even hunger!

     It is scary to imagine what a huge number of animals were prone to torturing by people. And all the law about animals can do is to fine an offending person. Undoubtedly, the fight with lawbreakers on the animals` rights protection from abuse should be increased.

     Human attitude to people is simply necessary. We, getting a pet, hope to find a friend within this pet, for many lonely people to have a pet is the only way not to feel oneself lonely. Why people forget though that animals need our care and protection just as well? Sometimes, strange and unknown changes happen – back in the day favorite pet becomes a burden if it gets sick or gets old. For example, a dog who served master devotedly through all life, might become unwanted getting weak.

     We live in civilized society and animal abuse lack congruity with humanity and morality. Each of us should be governed by not animals` law only but also by moral principles of one`s own. Protection of animals should be a priority for every self-respecting person.

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