Environmental Pollution Essay


     The theme of pollution is one of the most vital themes of our time. Not that long ago we have already discussed its place in the world`s literature, artistic and scientific.

     Writing on air, water or noise, to cut it short, environmental pollution is nothing new these days. Students are to write on what is essential for the time we live in. essays on pollution belong to the cohort of such issues of today. 

     What does it mean an environmental pollution? It means changes within environmental, chemical, mechanical, physical, biological and associated with them informational, which occur as a result of natural or artificial processes leading to loop of environmental functions concerning any biological or technological object.  

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     Often enough, the mentioned above changes express themselves unfavorably in the form of pollution. Environmental pollution means increasing of repugnant substances within it, which can affect human`s health, inorganic nature, plant and wild animals world in a bad way or to become an obstacle in some or other human activity. Of course, pollution caused by human`s activity, they are called anthropogenous, are to be differentiated from pollution by natural pollutants. Usually, speaking of pollution, namely anthropogenous kind of pollution is meant and estimated comparing powers or natural and anthropogenous sources of pollution.  

     Due to a big amount of human activity`s wastes, ability of environment to self-purification was at the breaking point. Most of the wastes are alien to environment: they are either viniferous for microorganisms or destroying complex organic substances turning them into simple inorganic compounds or do not break at all, which is why are accumulated in the different parts of environment. Even those substances, which are common for environment flowing in too big amounts, are able to change its features and influence onto ecological systems.

     Human influence on nature can be seen basically everywhere. There are two types of atmosphere pollution sources: anthropogenous and natural. Vulcans, dust whirls, corrosions, wilderness fires, plants and animals decay processes belong to natural sources. Anthropogenous sources in most cases are divided into three more types: industry, household refuse-fired plants and transport.

     A word should be spoken about water pollution just as well. Used water goes back to environment. Besides evaporated though, it is no longer a clean water but household, industrial and agricultural wastewaters usually unsafe or not enough renovated water. This is how pollution of freshwater bodies happens – rivers, lakes, lands and seas watersides.

     Microorganisms including causative organism of disease cause biological pollution let along organic substances, which are fermentable. Toxic substances cause chemical pollution. The main sources are blast-furnace ironmaking and steelmaking, non-ferrous smelters, mining enterprises, chemical industry and, in a great measure, extensive farming. Apart from direct discharge of wastes into bodies of water and land drainage, pollutant flux on the surface of the water from the air should be taken into consideration.

     Heat or radioactive substances cause physical pollution.             

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