Atomic Bomb, A Thing You Would Not Want To Face With


     In our previous article, we have come across the topic of Ayn Rand and her Anthem book. Today we are to talk about atomic bombs. It is easy to agree that those two topics are very different but it is another prove of that diversity of our nature.      Atomic bomb is not a candy and it is unlikely for anyone of you out there to want to face it during lifetime. Let us hope that it is not going to happen and that it is just an essay you are to write as a Continue reading

Ayn Rand Anthem Essay


     Our previous article was dedicated to such a medical issue as asthma, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Today we are to talk about the topic you were assigned to write an essay on, which is Ayn Rand Anthem. Here is a vocabulary you may read in order to get acquainted with the words you are to read within the text of the literary piece.       Ayn Rand is a pseudonym of one of the most influential women of XX century and today it is impossible to Continue reading

Asthma Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Essay


     Previously, we have talked about a physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia. Today we are to discuss another medical issue, which is called asthma. Most people have heard of it and have more or less clear image of what that is. Far from everybody is able to write an essay upon it as long as it belongs to medical field and to name the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment off the reel would be rather difficult.      Asthma is a chronically going allergic Continue reading

Physician-assisted Suicide: To Be Or Not To Be


     If you need to write an essay on artificial intelligence, you need to go back and read our previous article where you may find answers to your questions and more. Today, we are here to talk about physician-assisted suicide. Yes, you heard it right. Such a phenomenon does exist in contemporary world. It is difficult to apply in a situation concerning someone you know, someone you love and do not want to lose.      Each time when politicians of the Great Continue reading

Meet Artificial Intelligence And What Is Behind The Curtains


     First, writing on intelligence, you as an author should provide with a definition of it. Then, you are to write on its varieties. There are multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence and artificial one among the rest. Writing a short essay on any of the above is possible. Just pull yourself together, read, conduct a research, collect data and go from there.      If you are an attentive reader and a follower of our writing blog, you can answer the Continue reading

Writing Essay On Art Is Art Itself


     From genocide to art. Yes, our blog is extremely divertive. When it comes to writing essays, we stand alone. Our writers have no equal in writing, let alone editing and proofreading. Our service have no match. This is how things were, are and will be. Once you need an essay, you have a chance to assure oneself in how true our words are, that these are not simply words you read from the screen.         Art is an integral part of every Continue reading

Genocide Is To Remember


     History of every country has its glorious moments and dark spots. People should remember both. To know history means to know its white and black stripes, to know it from A to Z.      In our blog, we try to come across the most essential topics. Quite often, those are topics you as a student are to write a paper on. The previous article on teenage pregnancy is not an exception. Today, we are to talk about genocide in general, Cambodian, Armenian and Continue reading

Mom At ...teen Age: Reasons, Symptoms, Conseqences


     Teen pregnancy is one of the daily problems of our time as long as more and more girls being at their young teen age get pregnant. Opinions differ and everyone follows one`s own philosophy of life. You had a chance to get acquainted with some reading our previous articles. In case you want to know more, our writers will gladly make it up to you and provide you with a credible paper upon any matter.      Teen pregnancy is a problem of parents, Continue reading

Aristotle. Greek Philosopher For The Ages.


     Philosophy is complicated to get for an average person. There are a few philosophers for all ages and Aristotle is one of them. In our previous articles, we have come across others such as Socrates and Plato. Every one of them was unique in his own way. Each of them has left a priceless literary heritage we have a great opportunity to get acquainted with after so many years. It is truly wonderful to be able to because their pieces are honestly deep and thoughtful.  Continue reading

School uniforms: Pros and Cons


     From Shakespearian Othello to school uniforms, the diversity of topics varies. If you ask a professional writer to help you with accomplishing your paper, your paper will be accomplished very well. If you decided on doing it on your own, good luck to you and read the following article for your information.      Additional knowledge does no harm. Thus, the topic of the day is a school uniform. There has always been a question whether it should be or not. Continue reading