Genocide Is To Remember


     History of every country has its glorious moments and dark spots. People should remember both. To know history means to know its white and black stripes, to know it from A to Z.

     In our blog, we try to come across the most essential topics. Quite often, those are topics you as a student are to write a paper on. The previous article on teenage pregnancy is not an exception. Today, we are to talk about genocide in general, Cambodian, Armenian and genocide in Rwanda in particular.

     Wars and genocide as its consequences are something most people would prefer to forget but it would be wrong. Next generations should know what happened before they were given birth, how their ancestors lived and died to be able to jump to conclusions and learn to value what they have now because they have a lot comparing to what their parents, grandparents and great grandparents had.

     Genocide means action directed to destruction fully or partly a whole nation. During the period of the Second World War, genocide is what was happening to Jewish as long as Germans claimed themselves to be a superior nation and Jewish were the lowest one deserving to die.

     You were given an assignment to write on Cambodian, Armenian or genocide in Rwanda for a reason. Memories of what happened back in the days of genocide are still fresh in people`s minds.

     Raphael Lemkin was the one who came up with the word genocide initially. He came from a family of Polish Jews in 1900. He suggested applying legal steps in order to protect whole groups of people. His idea was not supported. After the Second World War began, Lemkin left Poland, got to Soviet Union and settled in the United States of America. He worked with a military department of the USA. An international genocide act was required and he suggested the idea to make one. A convention was signed in 1988. There was a genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Up to 800 000 of people were killed. It was an eye-watering mass destruction. In 2004 we could observe a crisis in Darfur, which was called a genocide of sorts just as well.

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