Mom At ...teen Age: Reasons, Symptoms, Conseqences


     Teen pregnancy is one of the daily problems of our time as long as more and more girls being at their young teen age get pregnant. Opinions differ and everyone follows one`s own philosophy of life. You had a chance to get acquainted with some reading our previous articles. In case you want to know more, our writers will gladly make it up to you and provide you with a credible paper upon any matter.

     Teen pregnancy is a problem of parents, medicine, society. Unfortunately, year after year this problem is on the front burner. Moreover, it seem to be that today this problem is at the height of its popularity. Normally, seeing a pregnant teenager, people blame her. Such people irritate because of their young age, unmarried social status and no boyfriend in most cases. Some do not even know who the father of the child is. One should think in the first place that the child oneself needs support and understanding of the older generation.

What makes a teen pregnancy dangerous?

     Growing up years begin at the age of 10 and lasts up to the age of 18. Pregnancy occurring between 13 and 16 years old is called a teen pregnancy. Such a pregnancy is not only a danger to health and development of a baby but also a danger to the future mother`s life. The thing is that during pregnancy, an organism of a mother goes through multiple changes and modifications. All of the above naturally have a detrimental effect on a child`s-teen age`s organism. Because just now the process of menstrual cycle has begun establishing, puberty, reproductive system only continues developing and skeletal system did not finish its developmental process as of yet.

     Pregnancy frequency among teenagers throughout various world`s countries is different. This phenomenon is the most frequent in socially developing countries. Although, there are more unmarried teen aged girls in the countries with developed and stable economy. In accordance with statistics, Russia takes the first place on teenage pregnancies; the United States of America takes the second place.

Reasons of teenage pregnancy

     There is a series of causes for teenage pregnancy. Far from always a girl is to be blamed for being empty headed and spoiled. There is a belief that a girl may get pregnant due to a rape, for example.

  1. One of the leading factors is of course lack of sex education. There may be no such sort of education at all or it may be wrong. Parents bear all the responsibility for this. Far from every parent finds time to have this kind of conversation with a daughter. Many parents lead asocial way of life themselves.

     Many educational institutions do not provide with sex education at all. And, accordingly, centers and services called to provide with psychological help and protect families and children do not work well enough.

  1. Sexual disinhibition is another reason causing teenage pregnancy. Today, 16 years old is an average age girls get pregnant. In accordance with statistics, 90% of young people have an experience of sexual relationships before they turn 20. Wide spread of alcohol, drugs, erotic and porn advertisement and, of course, a desire of youth to stand out.
  2. Not knowing the rules of birth control is another problem. Despite all the diversity of ways to control birth existing in pharmacology and medicine, teenagers, as a rule, make nothing of them all. Here, deficit of knowledge, understanding, sex education, fear of buying in the drugstore with people around, financial inability, fear to use it wrong, in order not to be laughed at by age mates. It is out of question to go ask a doctor.
  3. Violence is another reason of teenage pregnancy. In this case, this term is of wider nature than just a sexual violence. Constant beating of teen aged girls by their partners, forcing to a sexual intercourse, all of the above is also considered to be a sexual violence.
  4. Unfavorable climate within a family of a teenage girl may also make it to where the child is psychologically violated.
  5. Economic and social situation is also a fact making its influence on a teenage pregnancy. In accordance with statistics, there is a higher percent of teenaged pregnancies in the countries with a low economic and social situation. Teenage pregnancy in many of them opens the door to getting a financial manual after a baby is given birth.

Myths teenagers believe in

  • Oftentimes teenagers think that it is impossible to get pregnant having sex for the first time.
  • They also think that it is impossible to get pregnant before you turn 18.
  • Here is another funny myth that it is impossible to get pregnant in the upright position.
  • Or that it is impossible to get pregnant right after menstruation.
  • That pregnancy is possible to prevent by means of vaginal douching right after sexual intercourse.

What to do if a teenager is pregnant?

     There are two ways to solve the problem, which are an abortion and labor. The chances of tubal pregnancy are higher among teenage girls comparing to adult women. It is as a reason of sex and general immaturity, concurrent infectious disease, fallopian inflammatory diseases, adnexal affection.

     The question to either keep or get rid of a baby is in front of not only a teenaged girl but also her partner and parents. Both, giving birth and abortion hide a certain risk within.

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