Aristotle. Greek Philosopher For The Ages.


     Philosophy is complicated to get for an average person. There are a few philosophers for all ages and Aristotle is one of them. In our previous articles, we have come across others such as Socrates and Plato. Every one of them was unique in his own way. Each of them has left a priceless literary heritage we have a great opportunity to get acquainted with after so many years. It is truly wonderful to be able to because their pieces are honestly deep and thoughtful. 

     Every philosopher has a philosophy of his own. One should be a fool not to realize it. Either way, speaking about Aristotle in particular, mentioned above Plato was a forerunner with his philosophy but there was a significant theoretical difference at once. In accordance with Plato, general notions of our conscience (ideas) exist independently out of shadowy world of tangible things. In accordance with Aristotle, ideas are inherent in things and exist within them. Aristotle believes that an idea and a real thing do not exist apart from each other but all together. An idea is only a form giving a sense to a matter.

     In accordance with Plato`s philosophy, the source of a true knowledge lies within memories of the ideas` world, which was observed by a soul before being embodied. Aristotle thinks though that there is no ideas` world and that a soul is like a clean wax tablet where nothing is written as of yet. Then, it is gradually filled in with “prints” of gained experience. Aristotle, unlike Plato, believes that world of things is not a “false ghost” but is a reality with a truth within. Getting simple sensitive impressions, a soul by means of deductions moves to more complicated common notions.

     Accordingly with all these opinions, empirical investigation, insignificant for Plato becomes a fundamental base in Aristotle`s philosophy. Plato thinks that dialectician of ideas is the way to a true knowledge while Aristotle stands for rational logics. This branch of philosophy makes a cornerstone of his philosophy. Aristotle developed it so fully that there was nothing added afterwards.

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