School uniforms: Pros and Cons


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     Additional knowledge does no harm. Thus, the topic of the day is a school uniform. There has always been a question whether it should be or not. The question rose since the uniform was implemented, which means it exists forever. Some people like the idea because every child comes from a different family. Some families are unable to provide their children with a new outfit now and then, which makes it to where they do not need to think what to wear. Others though has such an opportunity, they like to be in fashion and the necessity to get their children dressed like all the rest while they could show their individuality and originality freaks them out.

     School uniform has become an integral part of school life in many countries. Most schools in Russia has this thing with school uniforms from now on just as well. Nevertheless, some schools do not require wearing uniforms. There are different opinions upon how a standard school uniform should look like. Some schools go for dark blue while others prefer dark red or dark green. In Japan, for instance, the color of a tie changes only from year to year. At the same time all of the schools have something in common.

     All of them look quite graceful and strict. Opinions of children themselves upon wearing school uniform differs. Some of them like it while others prefer wearing t-shirts with jeans. There are advantages and disadvantages. First of all, wearing a school uniform, children realize the fact that they are at school but not in the swimming pool or stadium. It helps to study better. As has already been told, there is no thoughts on what to wear. Losing individuality is a disadvantage though. All the children look the same. The negligence of one's attire may become another problem. As long as children wear one and the same outfit day by day, their uniform start looking a bit untidy and pale. Last but not the least, school uniforms cost much money lately, which is why far from every parent wants to buy it.

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