Othello Tragic Hero Essay


     Everyone who came across Othello during lifetime, either studies or reading for pleasure, know this tragedy to be classic and to belong to William Shakespeare. If you are still to read it, give it a go and you will get to see the problem of the hero, the matter of racism and jealousy touched within its text.

     The plot of the tragedy just like all the other were not something the author came up with. The story of love between the moor and noble Venetian was borrowed from the One Hundred Stories collection written by Giraldi Cinzio. But re-written by Shakespeare it become sounding higher and more harmonic. Playwright drew vivid and bright characters with an amazing mastery. Shakespeare gradually opens the psychology of his characters, their feelings and thoughts, motivating to further actions.

     Love of Desdemona for the moor seems to be something unthinkable within other peoples` eyes. The girl`s father excuses the moor in bewitching. Shakespeare tries to show that not the parents` decision is to get Desdemona and the moor together, not the cold math and not the elemental gust but a sense of trust and deep mutual understanding.

     Pushkin said that Othello was not jealous by nature but trustful. This trust though spins around badly for him. His trust within Desdemona fades away so quickly. She lied to her father so she was able to lie her husband just as well. Othello was unable to recognize evil and jealousy his friend felt. When he gets to understand that Desdemona was worth of trust, loved him more than anything, and never betrayed him even in her thoughts, he realizes that he does not want to live any longer.

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