Racism in America: Global Problem of Contemporary World


     It is needless to say that there are people in this world who hate other people just because of their skin to be of different color, or their eyes to be of another shape. Previously, we have talked about police brutality and if to speak about racism, it is also considered to be a society scourge of modern world. We live in the world when a person can be not only hated but beaten up to death due to one`s ethnicity.

     Once you were assigned to write on this topic, the topic of racism, let us have a closer look at it through the prism of contemporary world and conditions of life in this world. The conditions for most people are favorable to live a happy life. In most cases, we make up problems out of nothing feeling ourselves poor, miserable, lonely. It seems as if no one understands us but try to live in the shoes of a person who is an outcast because of looking like other way.

     Our writers have this wonderful ability to put themselves into other peoples` shoes meaning that they can understand your worries and striving for a better grade while having neither proper knowledge, imagination or at least some writing skills to put things together nicely into a cohesive text. We are here to help you. Even though you do not see us and we do not see you, we feel you and we can assist you so your paper was glittering from within.

     There is no need to explain racism or analyze it. Its irremovable slogans spread as a high water, which can make it to where a society may be drown any time. Existence of racism does not require any grounding. This categorical assertion is as absolute as unprovable is responsible for racism to have all the features of axiom. Accessible to everyone even though acceptable by far from everyone racism is all the more so effective as elusive it is; all the more so dynamic as it obvious it seems to be. As a fixed idea it spreads at rumors pace, racism overcomes a person or a group of people the stronger the sense of sensibility of every individual is, who lost the feeling of its political, economic, social and religious self. This is how frantic searching of permanence features begins, guarantees of values transfer, which are able to provide with fixity identifying the past with the present, promising heritors the future and legitimacy of their positions. However, what can better protect a doctrine than an indefeasible faith rising above reason of man? Is it even possible to dream about better savor of conviction than nature itself?

     This is probably why the Nazi industry of genocide was striving to make its policy legitimate applying for natural history of humanity. Nevertheless, racism is a global problem of humanity. Any problem requires a certain solution. There are the following forms of racism in the modern period: skinheads, red skins and English punks. They are all over the world, in Australia, Japan, New Zeeland, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Sweden and Brazil.

     To conclude, the reason of the racism is not a color of skin but the way of thinking. Which is why healing from racial prejudices, xenophobia and intolerance should be searched in deliverance of false ideas in the first place, which during many thousands of years were sources of incorrect conceptions of superiority or on the contrary in position of different groups inferiority among humanity.    

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