Police Brutality Essay


     This article is going to be about guardians of order. An average person has this image in his head of a police officer to be a savior. Normally, it is true. It is how things should be but far from every policeman is an example to follow.

     To become a law enforcement officer is a dream of almost every boy. Just like to be an astronaut or an aviator. Girls normally dream to become a ballerina or an actress. Life is not as sweet as a child imagines it to be. Growing up, we face with a cruel reality.

     Previously, we have talked about obesity in America. Police brutality is another society scourge of the present days. Police officers tend to think that if they wear uniform and represent law, they may feel free to do whatever they want. Having a gun makes a person feel power and superiority over the rest.

     It is no surprise nowadays that police officers make themselves free with civilians sometimes. Mass media is full of information of the kind when there were cases registered of inappropriate behavior on behalf of police officers concerning civilians. It is not about one country in particular but about the world`s countries in general.

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     A police office is required to be in a proper physical shape, to possess courage, be brave and fearless, as hard as nails and responsible. It is an image of a perfect police officer. Especially sensitive people have an image of a police officer they took from a movie they used to watch back in those years when they were little kids. It is nice to have a dream. It is nice to have an example to follow. It is important to realize though that imaginary world and reality are two things, which are the opposite oftentimes.

     A true police officer is supposed to be a psychologist as well. He should be able to listen to a person, to be able to calm down, to bring hope, confidence, faith. Police brutality let along fascism, Nazism, extremism, violence, aggression, militarism, war, junta, retribution operations, unconventional values, unipolar world are unpleasant words behind which things that are even more unpleasant are hidden. Many police officers are racists full of ethnic antagonisms who are ready to beat Afro-Americans to death just because of the color of their skin.     

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