Asthma Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Essay


     Previously, we have talked about a physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia. Today we are to discuss another medical issue, which is called asthma. Most people have heard of it and have more or less clear image of what that is. Far from everybody is able to write an essay upon it as long as it belongs to medical field and to name the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment off the reel would be rather difficult.

     Asthma is a chronically going allergic disease. There are certain changes, which main feature is suffocating attacks. Bronchial asthma is one of those diseases, which are widely met. Due to different reasons, from 3-7% of population living in the countries of Europe and America suffer from this disease. Exogenous allergens play a great role in the development of the disease. The following allergens of vegetable dust, mushroom spores; indoor allergens such as house dust and library dust, scruffs of family pets, dry feed for aquarium fish; food-borne allergens such as eggs, citrus, food grade dyes and preserving agents are widespread. One sneezes, coughs and has a wheezier as symptoms of disease.

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     Asthma is difficult to write on just like it is difficult to write on any other medical issue. Diagnostics of the disease goes through three stages: a doctor should be able to recognize the disease based on personal history data, clinical research, pulmonary function test and allergic status. If it is a child, diagnostics may cause huge difficulties. In accordance with the disease severity, which is to be determined on the ground of gathered information, appropriate treatment is prescribed.

     The disease influences not only life of a patient him/herself but also lives of those people who are family members and society the patient lives in. it is possible to control asthma easily at present days. It is achieved by mean of a package program, which includes education of a patient in order to develop partnership during asthma treatment; risk identification and stop any contacts with them; condition assessment, treatment and asthma monitoring; recrudescence removal.    

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