Physician-assisted Suicide: To Be Or Not To Be


     If you need to write an essay on artificial intelligence, you need to go back and read our previous article where you may find answers to your questions and more. Today, we are here to talk about physician-assisted suicide. Yes, you heard it right. Such a phenomenon does exist in contemporary world. It is difficult to apply in a situation concerning someone you know, someone you love and do not want to lose.

     Each time when politicians of the Great Britain were considering the matter of euthanasia, they changelessly stated that it is out of the question and that it would be wrong to legalize it. Lately, there are conversations about physician-assisted suicide within the country. Even though some doctors say that physician-assisted suicide is quite a different story, de facto, it is the same euthanasia one-step apart.

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     There are different reasons why people think over physician-assisted suicide. They are unable to stand the pain. Being aware of what is going to happen; they do not want their relatives to impose endless medical procedures and taking medications. Some fear of helpless staying in bed for a long time; they do not want to be a burden for their relatives and friends.

     At first sight, it seems to be dictated by sympathy for a patient and respect for his/her rights. However, if to provide people with help in committing suicide, it will most likely lead to decreasing of respect for human life and is unlikely to become an optimal method of help to a specific person.

     Those people who believe in God, strictly believe that one person has no rights to take other person`s life as long as God created all people and he is one and only who has a right to take human life.

     Definitions of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide emphasizes moral, ethical and juridical notions of the “intention”. There is a huge difference between a medical procedure with the aim to take one`s life (for example, lethal injection) and ceasing of non-effective or questionable treatment. We deal with a murder in the first case. Second case represents a good medical practice. Medical workers and law officers have always made a difference between them.

     Sympathy is the main argument when it comes to physician-assisted suicide, the feeling of pain and pity one experiences seeing other person`s suffering. It is irrelevant though to refer to sympathy only because the best method to show sympathy is to take care of him. Practice shows that as soon as pain retrogrades, many patients cease thinking of death.

     The best way to show a respect to a dying person is to take a proper care of him making his life as comfortable as possible. It is way more positive and strong decision to make than to simply give up on a person letting him die.

Many people speak of their right for a physician-assisted suicide referring to the right of personal autonomy. It is not that easy to define the right of personal autonomy though.

     Physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia are allowed in one form or another in a few countries only. Holland is the most well-known in this context. Even though the local law does not to provide with euthanasia but accepts standard arguments in behalf of doctors acting in accordance with officially established norms.

     If to speak about the USA, any forms of merciful murders are forbidden in all the states except for Oregon. The authorities of Oregon legalized physician-assisted suicide in 1997 despite all the protests on behalf of American Medical Association and leaders of Christian churches.  

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