Writing Essay On Art Is Art Itself


     From genocide to art. Yes, our blog is extremely divertive. When it comes to writing essays, we stand alone. Our writers have no equal in writing, let alone editing and proofreading. Our service have no match. This is how things were, are and will be. Once you need an essay, you have a chance to assure oneself in how true our words are, that these are not simply words you read from the screen.   

     Art is an integral part of every country, city and a human`s life. The word “art” has many definitions, characteristics and peculiarities but every human being imagines and interprets it in one`s own way. Sometimes people ask themselves whether Dali`s paintings are art, whether Shakespeare`s sonnets are art and without hesitating say it is. Is sunset art, which has an incredible darkening? What about the first smile of a baby? Every human being has an answer of his own to these questions because each of us has a worldview of our own and we look at the outside world under different angles.

     Art is a graphic reflection of reality, the main aim of which is to introduce beauty, sensitivity, interest to a human being, sometimes even something unexplainable and contradictive. Cinema, painting, architecture should arise different emotions, feelings and thoughts in a human`s soul. It is needless to say that one and the same piece of art can awoke different and absolutely contradictory feelings within people`s souls.  

All the kinds of art enriches inner world, give us new knowledge about environment. We see an author`s point of view within his piece of art concerning some situation or general knowledge of the creator depicted by means of word pictures. We may agree or disagree with an author`s worldview as long as everyone has a worldview of one`s own. There is no right or wrong opinion, opinions differ.

     Art plays a great role in our life as long as it makes us think over significant problems and things around us, while art touches a human`s conscience and does not leave us ignorant. Such great classics as Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bulgakov touched the following important issues of mankind: love and hatred, war and peace, crime and punishment, talent and lack of it, friendship and betrayal. Dramatic situations described in these literary pieces might help people to think over their attitude to life and prevent from mistakes.    

     Influence of art onto people is enormous. Art is able to make you laugh or cry, love or hate, to feel joy or sorrow. It is able to inspire us and to put ourselves together even when we feel low. Art sometimes may be the only thing to inspire us or to support us in a moment of need. This is how it was in the years of war. People were suffering morally and physically. When there was no strength to fight and no strength to live, art gave confidence, brought warmth into atmosphere of destruction and death, opened second breath and made them live again, love and fight for happiness.

     Soldiers went fighting, singing songs about feats of arms, dignity, Motherland, home, feelings recalled with these songs made it to where the fear was lost, horror and pain were forgotten.