Ayn Rand Anthem Essay


     Our previous article was dedicated to such a medical issue as asthma, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Today we are to talk about the topic you were assigned to write an essay on, which is Ayn Rand Anthem. Here is a vocabulary you may read in order to get acquainted with the words you are to read within the text of the literary piece. 

     Ayn Rand is a pseudonym of one of the most influential women of XX century and today it is impossible to call her forgotten on her native land. Her real name is Alisa Rosenbaum and she is native of Russia. She contributed largely into forming of American images about itself. Our writers have provided with plenty of papers dedicated to literature in particular and if you need one on Ayn Rand, we shall be more than happy to assist you.

     As for her book entitled as Anthem, it makes to think things over and see them under the new light. What can be better than a book leaving such thoughts behind? Ayn Rand is a Russian star of American literature. Anthem is a socially political anti-utopia. It is a critique of totalitarian society overwhelming activity and human feelings. No one has a personal name in this barbarian society: there are “we”, but no “me”. No one has a right to think, observe and choose one`s walk of life. The main character discovers electricity and offers to use natural forces for a good cause of humankind. People got used to live in primal fear, do not believe in power of mind. The character is to build a world of his own, realize himself an individual and learn to say “I”.

     You will not regret reading the book just like applying for help. Our service welcomes you and will do its best in order to meet your expectations and requirements!