Essay on Andrew Carnegie


     Indeed, when most people hear the surname, an image of a book written by Dale Carnegie on How to Win Friends and Influence People written in 1936 appears in one`s mind. He also wrote another book, which has become popular among readers of books on psychology entitled as How to Stop Worrying and Start Living written in 1948. The story is not about this Carnegie but about another Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie the richest man in the world. 

     He is truly one of those millionaires worth of being spoken and written of. He was the man who proved that millions are not only possible and required to be spent but also shew the way to others what to spend them on precisely. The man who repeatedly said that business, any kind of business, honest and dishonest, will always be considered an enemy of national economy, agricultural in the first place and that working class is a true parent of all the existing billionaires. In addition, finally, the man who did for American system of enlightenment just about more than all the declarations, international councils, guilds and cabinet committee put together. Our writing team knows how to help you. Do you want to know that too?

     Carnegie is one of the leading millionaires of the one before last epoch sooner an exception of the list of moneybags who had excellent launch opportunities, profitable parent workflow, and thievish tendencies. Generally speaking, he appears as one of few examples of the fact that an average person coming from a quite typical working family who had money in pocket not as often as it was wanted. He went through a difficult thorny way starting as a simple unskilled worker with a one and a half dollar position salary per week to a millionaire.

     There are six rules written down by the psychologist and a writer Napoleon Hill in 1906 according to oral information provided by Andrew Carnegie:

  1. Define how much money you would want to have.
  2. It is not enough to say that you want to have a lot of money. Be precise and accurate.
  3. Be honest with yourself and say what are you ready to sacrifice with in order to get welfare. Mark out by what time you are going to have this money.
  4. Make a specific plan of your desire to come true and start working on it immediately, despite the fact whether you are ready for it or not as of yet.
  5. Write everything down the amount of money, by what time you want to have it all, what you are ready to give in return, money acquisition plan.
  6. Every day, before going to bed and every morning, with your eyes being closed, walk through your notes aloud, with feeling, wit and punctuation. While reading, imagine, feel and believe in money to be already yours. It is very important to follow all the tips but especially the sixth last one, it is the most important.        

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