Cesare Bessay on Crimes and Punishments


     Crimes and punishments book by Cesare Beccaria is one of the treasuries of European culture and is of an undoubtful interest for a modern Russian reader. Not that long ago, we have talked about writing an essay upon a fiction book thus, you do have an image of how to do that. If you do not feel enough confidence, you may always use help online. 

     Our writing team is acknowledgeable in many subject areas and it will be easy for them to work upon a paper of any kind, any topic, and number of pages and within any deadline. As for the book on crimes and punishment by Cesare Beccaria, it is no exception. There are problems of the responsibility of authorities in front of society in general and an individual in particular. It is rather complicated as long as the books is for philosophers, lawyers, everyone who is interested in history of social ideas.

     It is his famous tractate and if you do not consider yourself a philosopher, not really a lawyer and far from having any interest in social thinking, - let us help you!

Selected items.

     Origin of crimes.

     Laws are those conditions in which people live in. They got together into a society. They got tired of constant war and useless freedom because of being unprivileged. They sacrificed a part of their freedom just so they could peacefully and safely enjoy the rest of it. A supreme power was created out of the pieces sacrificed and a sovereign became their legal ruler and protector. It was not enough as long as everyone was eager to get a piece of power along with something material. Those were the crimes.

     A right to punish.

     Any punishment is tyrannical. Or, in other words, any display of one person`s power under another person is tyrannical. This is what a right of a sovereign to punish is based on.

     Proportion between a crime and a punishment.

     It goes without saying that it would be better for the entire society if there were no crimes at all. Which is why the obstacles on the way to a wrongdoing are required to be severe. The worse they are, the better. It will help on the way to a crimeless society. Of course, it is impossible to predict evil to happen. The larger the territory, the harder it gets to prevent crimes. Which is why a strengthening of the punishments is required.

     Purpose of punishment.

     Purpose of punishment lies in not torturing but in preventing a crime from happening. Prevention of wrongdoings and making to where the one, who did a crime, will never do it again is the purpose.

     About torturing.

     Torture is a cruelty, which has become a custom. An accused person is tortured in order to pull the truth out of him, so he/she confessed and bear all the responsibility. Torture is some sort of a punishment already. As if the accused person should prove his/her guilt with broken bones.

     How to prevent crimes.

     It is always better to prevent than to punish. Laws should be clear. All the power of a nation should be focused on their protection, and so none of the power`s parts was directed onto its destruction. Fear of the law is beneficial while one person`s fear of the other`s is destroying. It makes it to where a crime is born.