Life Changing Experience Essay


     So, you need to write an essay on your life experience, which changed your life. First thing you need to do is to think hard over your life and those changes you have been through lately. Did something come into your mind? Very well then, now you need to wrap it in words like a present for someone`s birthday or Christmas.

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     What life-changing mean? Obviously, it is something what changed one`s life in either good or bad sense of a word. Hopefully, those happened in your life, were positive ones. Your essay is going to be positive all the way through. You may write on a dream, an event, or a person who changed your life. There should be an introduction, a body-paragraph and a conclusion so your essay was credible and logically built.

     Famous Russian writer Lev Tolstoy wrote a story about one morning, which changed a person`s life. He was thinking over the story for 50 years. The story told was based on true events, which happened with the writer`s brother. It inspired Tolstoy to write the story. It was about a person whose life changed after the promenade at the chamberlain`s. the composition is based on such a literary device as contrast. It helps to create deeper emotional influence. The author opposed what was happening before the promenade with what happened afterwards. Each of the episodes complete or stand out the previous one, doing so an awful reality gets exposed. Reality, on Tolstoy`s point of view was about the world to be bad morally and that making it perfect, one should begin with oneself. His character could not get whether the world was good or bad, which is why he moved beyond reality.

     The very morning the events happened, which ruined his love and changed his life. An episode of a soldier`s execution opened the terrible reality in front of his eyes. The morning is a symbol of life`s end, which did not start yet. Normally, the morning is the beginning of life, love, but Tolstoy changed this literary tradition. Consequences of that morning turned out to be fixed for the character.

     Descriptions given by the author help us to understand and share feelings of the character. Tolstoy, combines two, in fact, different parts of the piece into a story by means of different literary devices. They help to open up the idea of the story. In a manner of speaking, about the fog, which disperses and shows everything in its true light. Colors, described by the author on the promenade, bright, clear, and precise: “She was wearing a white dress with a pink belt and white gloves”. After the promenade: dark, gloomy, sharp, and blurry: “Many black people”. “It was something so technicolor, wet, red, unnatural…” Everything seemed to be wonderful to the character: “The promenade was wonderful: the hall was beautiful <...>, buffet excellent”. The usage of direct speech is also noticable: “Are you going to dance? Are you?”

     Quite often, there are repetitions within the text. In the second chapter: “A tall gracious figure of the lieutenant was still moving steadily”, “the strikes were still heard…” In the first chapter: “The motive of mazurka”, “waltz more and more”

     That evening did change life of the character greatly. It is safe to say, that life before and after promenade are compared and contrasted to each other. These events influenced feelings and behavior of the character. He was confused, his thoughts were mixed up. He felt shame of something, for some reason felt himself uncomfortable and lost. His career failed to materialize. He did not serve anywhere. He was worth of nothing. Love for lieutenant’s daughter steadily leaked away. Mark whichever applies that that very morning has become a truly fateful for the character. A true reason could probably be his conflict with the outside world. He turned out to be unable to puzzle out his own feelings but he realized that in order to make the world better, he had to start with himself first.               

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