Imperialism Essay: Sources, Content and Modern Models


   Many interesting topics were discussed previously and today we are to draw your attention to cultural imperialism, its sources, content and modern models. Modern cultural imperialism is easy to understand if to take into account the following key elements. It is developed in the frames of the world`s system, no matter whether it is American imperialism, African imperialism or European imperialism. There is one market within the system. Conditions and the nature of production are determined with the character of the market and is spread beyond. Government institutions exist as a part of the world`s system. Usually, the actions of the countries conduce satisfaction of ruling classes interests within the national boundaries. 

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     Cultural communicational center of the world`s system is developed in accordance with aims and tasks of the general American imperialism system. One-sided on its ground informational flow is one of the power`s attributes. Another attribute is imposing of the English language. High-speed, all-around technology of communication is created and developed (satellites and computers). Development of such a technology is nearly concerned in the structure and needs of the predominant system components.

     There is another significant element concerning cultural communicational sector in the sphere of the world`s system. Production of cultural communicational items in no small degree is determined with the same market needs as production of goods and services. At the same time, as we all know, cultural communicational items are more than just goods. It is the embodiment of ideological peculiarities of the world`s capitalistic economics. It advertises effectively the values of the system.

     How were cultural informational processes developed in the context of the modern world`s capitalistic economics especially after the Second World`s War to be end? It is worth to be repeated that multinational company is the main organizational unit of the modern world`s capitalistic economics. A few hundreds of these capital agglomerations belonging mainly to Americans rule the global market in progress and in classification of goods and services. The most significant fact is that their ruling is spread out onto the production and realization of cultural communicational items.

     These aggressive business empires organize the world`s market to the best advantage with allowances made for short and often imaginary limits of the national legislation and also different levels of economic development in those regions in which they are valid.      

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