American Revolution Essay


     America has gone through a long way on its independence and this path was not as easy as it might seem to be. Despite the country to be powerful nowadays, there were times when it had to fight for its freedoms and rights.

     In our previous article, we discussed a theme of cultural imperialism. Thus, you have got an image of American culture and informational processes on the world`s market. Go back in case you missed it because you might find it rather interesting and useful if not now then maybe later. 

     American Revolution is a war for independence as a result of which the USA set free from the British Empire and became independent in the form of shape we see nowadays. Despite political cataclysms in XVII century, the Great Britain remained hierarchy society of sorts by the middle of the next century, rooted in feudal past. Meanwhile, on the opponent bank of the Atlantic Ocean, emigres brought in the religious traditions of puritanism who have already got an experience of new land development were entering into the antiauthoritarian spirit and independence more and more and absence of aristocracy and easiness in getting a landed property made it to where incredible social mobility for Europe before appeared. The first charts regimenting the colonies rights allowed autonomy; replacing each other, the British administrations let the colonists mind their own business. By the middle of the XVIII century, most white men had a right to vote, enjoyed benefits of free press and religion. In other words, the colonies were developing separately from the metropolis and the emigres starting to feel themselves Americans naturally began opposing the attempts of the latter to make them obey. After the seven year long war to end, the government drew its attention to the problems of ruling the empire. Debts, appeared as a result of the war and huge expenses necessary to protect the boundaries from colonists and incursions of Indians made the government to seek for other sources of income. Considering and not without cases that the colonists should also contribute, the parliament in 1765 adopted a public revenue act, which is also known as a sugar act and a Stamp Act the same very year. The latter obliged to buy stamps and to glue them on any kind of juridical documents, newspapers, brochures, playing cards and other goods. Americans were unsatisfied most of all because of the fact that it was meant to increase finances of the state only…             

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