Americanism Essay


     What is Americanism? It is a focus on American values in the spheres of culture and politics. You have come across American culture, history and literature in our latest blogposts.

     Speaking about Americanisms, those are also words, which are taken from American variant of English language. As you know, there are American and British English. The last one is pure while the previous one is rather blurry. The variant of spoken language depends on the location a person lives in. naturally, that British speak purer while Americans clip the endings of the words. In addition, their pronunciation differs.  

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     It is needless to say that Americanisms represent danger to the originality of the language. Achievements of Americans in the area of economics, technology and culture made it to where these many Americanisms appeared. There are still people though who believe that these achievements should not be the reason for pointless and even ugly preferable usage of Americanisms instead of their equal English equivalents in the British mass media and their entry into everyday language. With ever increasing frequency, the following words are used rookie, elevator, wretch instead of newcomer, lift, spanner, etc. some expressions though are vivid and powerful. But it is outrageous and wild how careless English people are towards their native language, which often leads to disappearance of English phraseological units.

     People let the British version of English dry out. The difference between the Great Britain and the USA should remain just like the British English should. It goes without saying that most languages tend to have in their lexical vocabularies borrowings from other language systems. Therefore, English language in this context is not an exception. Its evolutional development goes on along with which active spread and more frequent usage of Americanisms in the English speaking world occurs. But modus in rebus otherwise language originality may be easily lost        

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