A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Essay


     Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the author of A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings who is more famous for his book titled as One Hundred Years of Solitude was one of the most talented writers of his time and remains classic. His One Hundred Years of Solitude is known for being rather complex and difficult to cinematize. The story is about life of seven generations. The names repeat themselves, which makes it to where it is easy to get lost. Either way, this is another story and the topic of our today`s blog post is another literary piece as you could already guessed. 

     A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings was written in 1968. The novel is an opuscule filled with a deep meaning and permeated with slight mystic tones, which are basic in Marquez`s style.

     We see a small village living and all of a sudden, something unusual happens: a creature appears in the yard of simple people. It looks like a very scrubby and miserable beggar but he has two pretty well worn to the thread wings behind his back.

     Inhabitants of the village do not understand what the creature says but looking at his harried whipped-up look, a farmer Pelayo in whose yard the angel appeared, decides to reside it in the poultry house. Soon enough rumor has it, more and more people are eager to see an unusual creature, and Pelayo together with his wife decides to make money out of it.

     At first, it may seem that the novel is about human greediness and ignorance to the destiny of a live creature even though it is different. Partly, it is very much so but to the bigger extent, the author places greater focus on that miracles are unnecessary to be beautiful. If vividness, pomposity and luxury do not go along, is it really a miracle?   

     Coming short of beauty and, therefore, respect for himself even on behalf of passionate believers of the village, the angel is deprived of understanding what they say. In their turn, no one is able to understand what the angel say; gradually the interest for him is lost and he slowly gets old ringed by loneliness.

     Written as a tale, the novel exposes far from fabulous and childish problems. Pragmatism let alone cynicism are found side by side with miracle and mystique, not quite typical angel in a familiar broad definition with not quite typical inhabitants of the village. Everything is as real as irrational at the same time in the novel that one cannot help but wonder whether the old angel is gone or it just seemed to be real?

     It is a wonderful novel, which teaches to see beautiful, to be able to define it even in the most usual, every day, ordinary and even pushing off. The author closely resonated mystic edges with reality.

     A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is a bit sad but light novel to many`s liking. One will be able to find both, a fairy-tale and a piece of truth, and skillfully pointed out nuances and tiny details, which are hard to notice at first sight, like sweet traps closing with a bang get surprised and make us think how appropriate a miracle can be in everyday life.