Should Abortion Be Legal?


     Every woman who gets pregnant has a right to decide whether she wants to keep a baby or not. Abortion is a medical procedure, which makes it possible and, if to provide in a correct way, it might cause no health problems for a woman in the future. She might give birth to children some time later when she is ready. Abortions though may be dangerous because of being provided incorrectly. A woman might get infected or even unable to have children afterwards. This is why it is highly important to weigh all pros and contras before taking such kind of a risk. Health is our biggest treasure losing which we may lose everything, our families, friends, jobs, ourselves. 

     A baby`s heart starts to beat in the period between 18th and 25th day of pregnancy. The basics of nervous system are formed by the 20th day of pregnancy. A baby moves his/her head in 5 and a half weeks of pregnancy, in 6 weeks – with all the body as if it was already born. A woman is able to feel these moves later though, in 16th-20th weeks. A brain encephalography can be conducted after 43 days of pregnancy. A baby is able to move his/her eye-balls, to swallow, to move a tongue, hiccup, awakes and falls asleep at the age of 9-10 weeks; such a thumb, react to sounds, outside noise can wake a baby up at the age of 11 weeks. As for the rest organs of the organism, they start to function at the age of 11-12 weeks.

     Theorists of feminism like to call sexual revolution the only bloodless revolution in the history. Although, abortions took away millions of people`s lives in the XX century. It is scaring to think that families build their happiness on the blood of their unborn children. Abortions are already legalized in most of the countries. In those places they are not as of yet the number of divorces is smaller. Even in case of people not to consider infanticide a crime, something inside breaks down and make it to where their marriages crack.

     The way women sees the world nowadays is so much different than it was before, before the abortion was illegalized. People tend to think of a woman as a life giver. Now she is a life taker just as well. Nowadays, giving life to as many children as possible is considered to be an egoism because of the fringe facilities.

     During an abortion, a woman`s organism experiences a shock as long as all the organs and systems are tuned for the changes connected with a baby to appear and once there is no baby, the organism feels frustration. Everybody knows that when pregnancy happens, all the body goes through a reconstruction of sorts. Especially if to speak about nervous and hormone systems. If to stop pregnancy of all of a sudden, it leads to upset conditions in the area of nerves and hormones.   Needless to say, that abortion has rather negative impact on thyroid body, adrenal body and hypophysis functioning. The misbalance of hormone, immune, kidney and liver functions occur, arterial pressure regulation, volume of blood circulation. It makes it to where a perfect environment for any infection to get in is created, provoke a development of contagious and inflammatory diseases. Female gonads dysfunction as a result of an abortion may become inveterate and lead to sterility.  

     Legalization of abortions means their safe performance. It is not about implementation of safe procedures by health workers only but also about disclosure risk elimination, fear to be put in jail and other punitive measures concerning both women and health workers even in case of tolerant attitude to illegal abortions.