About Criticism of Feminist Movement


    Feminism has become very popular during few latest decades. There are movements of feminists throughout the world. Women have wished for being equal with men long ago and many of their wishes came true. They have a right to vote, to drive a car, to get an education, they become presidents! There are still countries though, which do not support equality between men and women. Men would rather die than let a woman speak a word, drive a car, moreover to rule a country. They consider it to be simply outrageous. Under such conditions, women riot against them.

    There are the whole feminist institutes opened up. No wonder that women feel like they are not understood and want to fight with men for such an unfair treatment. Feminism has become even tough like men`s acting. Some even manage to have their favorite representatives of feminist movement. The thing is that it is not necessary to show off their breasts during street demonstrations and not only (there are cases when feminist women entered the fashion shows) but they write books and articles on how to achieve goals.  There is also such a thing asfeminist art. One is able to observe a development of feminist movement or some part of its history. There are so many concepts presented and everyone could find something to his or better to say her liking.