Essay on Journalism Is...


    Importance of journalism is obvious. People would not be able to be informed and see things happening around the world without journalists who do their job interviewing celebrities, travelling all over the world, bringing significant pieces of news of all sorts. There are many areas of life and many interests. People find what they are interested in and read about it in newspapers and/or watch on television.      It is needless to say, that importance of Continue reading

Oedipus The King Essay


    Most people have faced with Oedipus by Sophocles and the tragedy of this king going through school curricula. It is classic piece, which is a must-know among the rest of classic pieces of literature such as the Odyssey by Homer and other epic poems.      Moral self-determination of personality is in the center of the poem. What Sophocles tries to say through his piece is a matter of global scale. Let it not scare you off, dear Reader because it is truly Continue reading

The Key To Success Lies In Hard Work


    It is a well-known opinion about hard work to be the key to success. There is also another opinion though that hard work has nothing to do with a successful life but happiness. Happy people by nature are successful. How to become happy though? Material and sometimes spiritual things make people happy in most cases. There are few only who are happy just because. Human nature is a complicated but a very interesting phenomenon.       Cheerful people have Continue reading

About Pride And Prejudice


    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a classic. There are many adapted screenplays shoot and the relatively recent one with Keira Knightley playing the leading part is a good one. Though, that it is always better to read a book than to watch a movie as long as they omit a lot while shooting a movie.  It goes without saying that it would be perfect to read in original. For those, who do not speak English, there are plenty of interpreted versions of the book. Continue reading

A Few Words About Good And Evil Standoff


    Our previous article was about poverty. Interminable controversy of good and evil does not always end up with a fairly victory of the good. Because if one does not explain a child since early childhood what good is, a shallow-hearted egoist will grow out of this child. There is one step between love for nature and love for people. A breakdown of this balance will lead to a loss of this step on the way to harmony and bring catastrophic consequences.      A Continue reading

How to Manage A Peer Pressure


     A lot of students feel themselves outsiders during their high school and college years. Students suffer from a huge peer pressure every day. They are unable to make friends but given rather rude comments and the kind of look, which makes them feel like disappearing. Among the effects of peer pressure are also suicidal thoughts.      Young minds think that if they change the way they look, they way they talk and join different communities, it might Continue reading

Why It Is Important To Be A Patriot


    Our previous article was about juvenile justice. Once you were assigned to write an essay on patriotism, you have a chance to share what you think of patriotism, describe what it means to you and whether you belong to this category of people. Patriotism essay is a good chance to show your writing skills let alone your position towards the country you live in.      So, what patriotism means to you? You may start with a definition of it writing your essay. Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Healthy Nutrition


    In order to keep body and soul in a good shape and condition, one should have a proper nutrition. To live a healthy lifestyle means to eat healthy, to go in for sports, to sleep a certain amount of hours, to go out for a walk daily. Health is about movement and correct nutrition. Nutrition consists of groups, which are fruit-, poultry-, vegetable- and dairy. Just a little bit of sweets-, oils- and fats.     Apart from food, it is also very important to drink 8 Continue reading

The Problem of Macbeth


    What do you know about Macbeth? If a person knows it to be a play written by William Shakespeare, it is already something. Most people do not know even that. If you do not belong to this type of people, congratulations. If you are assigned to write an essay on Macbeth, it does not matter whether it is analysis essay, a critical essay on Macbeth, Macbeth guilt essay, Macbeth tragic hero essay, you will do fine. In case you do not know how to accomplish the task, our writing Continue reading

Essay on Lord of The Flies


    Lord of the flies is one of the most famous pieces of world literature in general and books written by William Golding in particular. It is a good idea to write a Lord of the flies symbolism essay, lords of the flies allegory essay, lord of the flies leadership essay or lord of the flies savagery essay.     The difficulty of the novel is all about its allegorical content. Far from everybody is able to get the point, to begin with. Secondly, to think it over and Continue reading