How to Manage A Peer Pressure


     A lot of students feel themselves outsiders during their high school and college years. Students suffer from a huge peer pressure every day. They are unable to make friends but given rather rude comments and the kind of look, which makes them feel like disappearing. Among the effects of peer pressure are also suicidal thoughts.

     Young minds think that if they change the way they look, they way they talk and join different communities, it might help but instead they are ridiculed even more. It is impossible to live without minding what others think of you. Everyone wants to have friends. Everyone wants to be a part of a society s/he live in even though the person might act as if a lone wolf.

     We live in a society. To live behind it means to be an outcast. Some choose to be ones while others are forced to by this very society due to its cruelty. People become copycats losing their individualities in order to be a part of social group. Far from everybody especially at young age realizes that a friend who wants you to change your clothes or manner to speak is not a friend. We are beautiful just the way we are with all of the peculiarities of our style and habits.

     Pressure from the outside is a big deal because it can make a good person to act rather bad. An ability to keep things to oneself is an achievement one may be proud of.

  • If you see your surroundings to try to make you do bad things, think of the consequences, show great decision in what you believe in.
  • Remember of who you are.
  • Try to look ahead of you and move forward.
  • Be ready. 
  • Needless to say that so in order not to come under influence of peers who are obviously generate a negative impact, one should have courage or, as they say, to have the guts.

   People of any age tend to be influenced with the outside world and other people. How many times did you face a situation when someone began watching a movie or some TV-series because of other to recommend it to watch or how many times did you face the situation when someone began falling for the same hobby as a person they have close communication with like two girls one of whom is into flowers and the other one start to buy flowerpots just as well. Those are good examples while there is also such a saying as one fool makes many. It means that there are bad things one may get another into like alcohol and drugs. Do not lose yourself being caught in the turmoil.